Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Campaign for the Chancellorship
July 14, 2009 • 7:44PM

On July 21 Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BueSo), will hold the first of a series of monthly webcasts from Germany’s capital Berlin, to kick off her election campaign for the Federal Chancellorship. Zepp-LaRouche’s intervention is sorely needed to turn the path away from the continuing process of collapse: the highly export-dependent Germany has seen lay-offs, bankruptcies, but continuing bail-outs just as in the United States. The political establishment is attempting to keep as much reality of the depth of the collapse out of the public debate until the elections on September 27.

In order to foil this attempt and mobilize for the webcast event, the BueSo has published a new video on their website (http://bueso.de/node/7678/), digging into the parliamentarian cretinism displayed by the major political parties, with their refusal to address the reality of the collapse hitting the population.

The video begins by quoting German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck, who stated on national German radio on July 4, “The collapse of the economic and financial system is indeed extensive. I admire those who apparently foresaw all this. The majority of politicians and experts of economic science did not.” Of course, Steinbrueck’s own reaction has been to continue the bail-outs, while imposing a “debt brake” on the nation and letting the real economy disintegrate. Being typical of the irresponsible dangerous exhibitions of lazy reason being spouted by top officials of the German Government, the BueSo Video picks up on Steinbrueck’s statement, depicting the political non-leaders and quackademic economists in their fairy-tale, never-never-land, and exposes the clinical nature of their state of mind. The narrators ask voters “Are these the people you voted for? Are these the “economists” whose predictions have been complete garbage, and who have been on tax-payers’ salaries?”

Because what none of these so-called persons of responsibility have had the intelligence or courage to realize is, in Germany, it has been Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who has at every point of the collapse of the economic system, been representing Lyndon LaRouche's analysis and solutions consistently, and with authority.

In such a crisis as this, foolishness is deadly. The narrator concludes, “Is there anyone in this country who can afford not to listen to us any longer?”

The webcast can be followed from the website of Zepp-LaRouche’s party website, www.bueso.de, which will be held this time only in German, so those able or willing to follow are hereby invited to do so! The webcast begins on July 21, at 11am Eastern Time (5pm CEST).

Again, view the video teaser at: http://bueso.de/node/7678/