World Breakdown Crisis, And What Must Be Done: Deadline October 12-15
July 25, 2009 • 10:37AM

Economists advising the Obama Administration have been looking at the state-by-state situations, especially the actual rate of unemployment nationally. The situation is far worse than the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, with two-thirds of the unemployed collecting no unemployment benefits, either because their benefits have been exhausted or because they are not eligible. Similar ratios are excluded from the BLS unemployed statistics.

Lyndon LaRouche responded that the US is hopelessly bankrupt, and every policy that has been adopted by the Federal government and the states since August, 2007, has been a disaster. There will be radical changes in the situation very rapidly. Do not give an inch; do not lose your courage; keep the focus on breaking the Obama Administration.

The main point, is that it's not only the US, but the world in general which is going into a financial breakdown crisis, and unless action is taken immediately by some time around October 12-15, after the year-end data becomes clear, the US is going to be in a full process of disintegration, and the same will be true of most other parts of the world.

Much of what's being done in terms of the healthcare legislation and some of these other actions, is more aimed at preventing a solution. People who are responsible for these policies, have to simply be told: unless you change right away, people are going to hunt you down and eat you. Not because they hate you, but because they are hungry.

Look at the situation from the historical parallel of the French Revolution, which began in 1782 with the creation of the British Foreign Office. It took seven years to organize that British-run revolution to destroy France, and then pave the way for a Seven Years War known as the Napoleonic Wars.

LaRouche said the entire planet is in a general breakdown crisis. By the late Fall, you're going to be in a situation of chaos for planetary civilization beyond belief, unless there is a general bankruptcy reorganization. You have to have a bankruptcy reorganization which starts with the cancellation and reversal of all of the bailouts. We have to create a situation where sovereign states are in charge, or civilization is destroyed.

October 12 or October 15 is the deadline, unless some very wild unforeseeable changes occur before that. When the fiscal year closes for the US, that will be the clearest evidence of a fullscale global collapse. Obama has to be either put in a cage or out of office before then, or things are lost, and it will only be for future generations to write the accounts of how civilization was destroyed.

On Boehner and McCotter's well-crafted statement on the euthanasia issue in the Obama healthcare reform, LaRouche said, "Look, I thought that the Republicans would do this. I thought that, as long as I took the lead in defining this euthanasia issue, that regardless of their ideological bents, they would pick up on an issue that's a real issue, rather than a false issue, in terms of why this Obama policy is murderous. This is an area where LPAC's work has been excellent, and this has been critical in creating the situation."

LaRouche then went back to focus on the need to focus on the general breakdown crisis. We're in the middle of a war to defeat Obama on the healthcare issue. But we should be clear that defeating Obama on the healthcare issue will not, in and of itself, solve the larger issue, which is the looming blowup of the whole global system, by no later than shortly after the end of this Federal fiscal year. At the same time that we hammer away and defeat the Administration decisively on the healthcare policy, we have to have the longer view that what we're really out to accomplish, is to win the fight in the United States for a fundamental change in direction back to a credit system, and, on the basis of that, to win over the other remaining three powers and then push it through.

Even FDR never broke with the whole, global monetarist system. He was able to effect a pushback, and use certain mechanisms to create a credit system within the still-existing Federal Reserve System in the United States. The situation now is far more advanced and desperate, and what we must do now, is fundamentally overhaul the entire system, starting with the bankruptcy reorganization. Even in September of 2007, had people acted then on the HBPA, we would still have been in a position to modify and reform the system, go back to Glass-Steagall, restructure the commercial banks, and the like. But since that point, we've incurred $25 trillion in sinkhole bailouts, so that you have a ticking hyperinflationary time-bomb.