For Opportunistic Reasons, The British May Assassinate President Obama
August 13, 2009 • 11:05AM

"I am concerned of the fear that the British, for their own opportunistic reasons, probably are considering arranging the assassination of the current President of the United States," Lyndon LaRouche said today. "After all, he's only a poker chip on the global historical playing table, and they will banish him if they think it's convenient for them at this time. They may let him linger on for a while, build up some more steam around him, so that when he really goes down, it has a bigger effect."

LaRouche took note of Obama's total inability to deal with the rising mass strike wave of protests and hatred against his government, and against the Congress, that is sweeping the nation. Obama has now become inextricably associated in people's minds with the little Hitler moustache — courtesy of LPAC organizing from coast to coast. And he and his advisors (like "EZ Kill" Emanuel) can't get away from LaRouche's documented charges that they are promoting the Nazi policy of euthanasia. More and more Americans are coming around to a very simple conclusion: Whatever he is, Obama is not really an American.

"It is obvious that Obama is now becoming increasingly useless, or approaching a point of uselessness, or negative usefulness, to the British people who are actually controlling him," LaRouche explained. "So watch out for the Queen, because when she moves to pinch his butt, it may mean she's saying goodbye to him."

"The British could certainly assassinate this bum President. He's now exhausting his usefulness. They are going to think in those terms. That's the way they think—if you call it thinking.

"Look at the mentality of those in the United States who are complicit with the relevant Saudis, including the Saudi ambassador in Washington, in setting up 9/11. And look at the whole game with 9/11 that was played, even to the present day still, as a psychological warfare game. Look at the question about the torture issue, the fact that it's still debated by the President himself, on this issue.

"The British and their allies are capable of all kinds of mischances and horrible things. And unless we can settle this thing politically, by getting the President under control, and come under control alive, we're going to have a real mess on our hands.

"Because they will assassinate him, because they will love the confusion this causes. And they will hope that confusion finishes off the United States, which is always the British ambition: to get rid of the United States. That is their intent — except only stupid jerks don't know that. So anything that discredits and helps to destroy the United States at this stage, they will do, including assassinating the President. And they would do it! That's where the danger to his life comes from, is from the British."

LaRouche concluded by again emphasizing Obama's crippling Nero complex. "He is really a copy of Nero. You think of Nero as a big man in history, but really he was only a little piece of crap, occupying a big position. That's the same thing of Obama: a little piece of crap occupying a big position. And his ego is in proportion to that disproportion."