LPAC Organizing to Stop Obama Hitler "Reform" Covered Internationally and Locally
August 18, 2009 • 4:41PM

The continued coverage of the prominence of the LaRouche Political Action Committee amidst the upsurge today against the Obama Nazi health care "reform" and government policies generally, is to be seen today in local Maryland and Connecticut newspapers, and in Al Jazeera, a leading international Arabic language news service.  

AL JAZEERA. The leading photo on today's Al Jazeera news home page shows an LPAC street organizing table featuring two large posters. One displays clearly the larouchepac.com address, on the image of Obama standing next to Hitler et al, captioned: "We Just Love Your New Health Care Reform." The other is the Obama-stache image, with, "I've Changed."  

CONNECTICUT. "Health Care Debate: Even a Hitlerized Obama," is the lead story, in today's early edition of TheRidgefieldPress.com, covering an Aug. 10 LPAC street organizing team at the town post office. The 1,000 word piece quotes the organizers and many passersby, and though snide in tone, conveys the sense of public uproar, and LPAC impact. E.g., why call the Obama "reform" Hitlerian?  "It's written by people who are part of the euthanasia lobby, '" Mr. Esposito [of LPAC] said. "He explained the view that talk in Washington of applying 'cost benefit analysis' to heatlh care was a step toward something similar to Hitler's effort to cleanse German society of people the Nazis viewed as misfits. 'It's a murder policy,' he said. 'Cost-benefit analysis of human life—once you start down that slippery slope, you're on the way to euthanasia..."  

MARYLAND. "LaRouche Followers Criticize Health Care Plan," datelined Aug. 17, covered yesterday's LPAC organizing booth outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hagerstown, central Maryland, in the Herald-Mail of Hagerstown. A photo shows passers-by looking at the now-famous LPAC posters. The 500-word article states, "At their table [Donielle] Detoy and [Kevin] Gribbroek told visitors that the PAC wants to reverse the bank bailout. They showed people a pamphlet calling for the end of health-maintenance organizations...  

"One sign showed Obama with a mustache like Adolf Hitler's and said, 'Is This Your President.' 'We're going to defeat this Nazi health care,' Detoy said. "Asked if its were extreme to compare Hitler, who was responsible for the extermination of millions of people, to Obama, Detoy said, 'He earned it.' Some passers-by called out their support..."  

TEXAS. The Dallas Observor is running two photos of the LPAC organizing team from the Aug. 17 Dallas town hall meeting by Pete Sessions (R) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D), in its feature slideshow section titled, "Health Care Town Hall Draws Protests at Cityplace."