Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Extraordinary Third Berlin Webcast
September 24, 2009 • 12:22PM

It may not have come across outside of Berlin, due to the early severe problems with the internet transmission, that this third webcast of Helga Zepp-LaRouche was an extraordinary event: the room was packed with 120 chairs occupied, some of our own youth even gave their chairs to some late-arriving guests, so that at the peak, the audience comprised up to 75-80 guests outside of our own BueSo/LYM presence.

Furthermore, as soon as the discussion period was opened, a constant flow of questions from the audience began, some 20 questions being posed from there, all no-nonsense questions. It was only possible to answer 10 of these questions, and at the end, people were told to keep their questions and raise them again for the next webcast, upgrade them. Helga got a standing ovation at the conclusion of the event, and was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Even after, there was a queue of people who wanted to talk to Helga, which they did. Also, a message of support from Jacques Cheminade and the Solidarité et Progrès party in France was read and well received.

The full documentation of all that will soon be available on a DVD of the event which is going to be produced.

As for Helga's presentation, certainly the passage on the history of the Bismarck era industrialization of Germany, with many quotes from Kardorff on his encounters with the writings of Henry C. Carey, and what Bismarck himself wrote about the benefits of protectionism in his own recollections later on, was something which no one in the audience (including our own members) had ever heard of. This, and what Helga said about the Lautenbach and Woytinsky-Tarnow-Baade (WTB) plans that could have prevented the Nazis from taking power in 1933, provides enough firepower for building a mass movement in Germany that is once again committed to changing the world for the better.

Among the questions raised at the event, it's worth mentioning several: one from a German dairy farmer who had also taken part in the protests with French and Belgian dairy farmers just recently; another from a chairman of a factory labor council in the auto supply sector; and another from an employee of a leading German truck producer.

In discussion yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche referred to the webcast saying, "I'm not only pleased with what she did, which was excellent, but it will have an important effect in several directions. First of all, it's going to shake things up: What she did, it's going to shake things up internationally. Again, again, the event has occurred: She did it, the fuse is lit. When the explosion will occur is not yet determined — it may occur by the 27th of this month, when the election occurs, or it may occur at some later time, but the effect will be heard."