Obamacare Bills Falter in Both Houses
October 24, 2009 • 4:16PM

In both the House and the Senate, Obamacare is running up against serious obstacles, despite the President's obsessive commitment—on orders from London—to ram it through, no matter what. On Thursday, after late night meetings with Democratic leaders of Congress at the White House with the President, Nancy Pelosi took a whip vote, and found that there are not now enough votes to pass a vigorous public option through the House. A reported 64 Democrats could balk at the robust public option version of the House bill, and that would kill it. Pelosi had earlier this week touted plans to hold a Capitol Hill rally next Tuesday or Wednesday, to release the final House bill, but that plan has been rolled back. On the Senate side, Reid is saying now that a unified bill with a chance of passing through the Senate will not be ready in November, and it could be postponed until next year. Between the Thanksgiving and Christmas recesses, there are not that many legislative days left this year, and much of January is also down-time for Congress, unless they are called back early.

The bottom line is that the whole process stinks, and the mass strike pressure on members of Congress has not subsided. As Lyndon LaRouche observed this week, Americans are not primarily focused on health care. They are scared to death about the job losses, the foreclosures, and the other core economic issues. As far as health care is concerned, they are just convinced that whatever scheme the Administration tries to shove down Congress' throats, will only make things worse than they are now, and they oppose that.

Health care is a British issue, imposed on Obama from London by the likes of Tony Blair, Simon Stevens etal. Obama gets his Hitler moustache on Savile Row.