LaRouche: Only "Damned Fools" Think Administration Health-Care Policy Is Not Nazi
October 31, 2009 • 10:24AM

"It's only damned fools who think that the [Obama] Administration doesn't have a Nazi policy," statesman Lyndon LaRouche remarked today. He was pointing to the recent article by Washington Post columnist Fred Hiatt, in which Hiatt stated that the bill produced by the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Max Baucus, doesn't include an independent Medicare Commission—modeled on Hitler's T-4 program—or a tax on "cadillac" (high premium) healthcare plans offered by some employers.

"People are speaking like idiots," LaRouche said. Hiatt is an idiot to say that these Nazi features aren't in the bill.

In fact, writing in his blog Oct. 26, a fuming Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag immediately responded to Hiatt, labelling him a "naysayer," and going on to insist that the two features Hiatt mentioned are absolutely included in the Senate bill. These are important "cost constraining" measures, he asserted, not "hypothetical pie in the sky."

People have to understand, LaRouche said, that Orszag "won't back down or take the heat off, even at the risk of emphasizing that [the bill] is a Nazi policy."