Rachel Brown To Take On Bailout Barney Frank
November 14, 2009 • 7:45PM

November 14, 2009 Boston, MA (LPAC) — LaRouche Youth Movement activist Rachel Brown announced today that she is a candidate for the Democratic nomination to U.S. Congress in the 4th District in Massachusetts, for the seat presently occupied by Bailout Barney Frank. Brown told a national internet audience on The LaRouche Show today that Frank is one of the key Congressional figures promoting fascist policies, which are destroying our nation's physical economy, and which threaten the lives of millions of Americans. She singled out his role in supporting the bailout of bankrupt banks and financial institutions — in particular, his attack on Lyndon LaRouche's Home Owner and Bank Protection Act — and his rabid support of the Obama health care bill, which is modeled on Hitler's Nazi T-4 genocide policy, as evidence that he is unfit to remain in the U.S. Congress.

Bailout Barney Frank, she said, has no problem supporting a bailout of financial institutions, run by swindlers and thieves, at the expense of jobs and industries in the U.S. While millions are losing their jobs and their homes, he repeatedly has sided with those, such as former Goldman Sachs CEO and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, and current Treasury Secretary Geithner, who have provided more than $23.7 trillion in bailouts to bankrupt institutions, while ignoring the needs of our citizens. While a mass strike of these citizens has emerged, of people who feel betrayed by their government, who are demanding that the government act in their interests, Bailout Barney worked to sabotage moves to establish a Pecora Commission to investigate financial fraud, and is currently involved in efforts to prevent a return to the Glass Steagall regulatory standards in banking.

And when I asked him at a town meeting, she added, how he can defend President Obama's so-called health care policy, which will kill the sick and elderly, through provisions taken from Hitler's 1939 "useless eaters" policy, he tried to duck the question, instead ranting incoherently.

His actions, she said, are nothing less than a betrayal of the oath of office he took, to uphold the Constitution. The anger directed at him during town meetings has been richly deserved, as his constituents' lives are endangered by what he has done in the Congress, and what he will continue to do if re-elected.

Therefore, she concluded, I am running for Congress, to defeat him in the Democratic Party primary. To those who have lost your homes, or are in danger of losing them, because of Bailout Barney's actions, join with me, to send him packing. To those who have lost your jobs, or fear you will lose them, join me in getting The LaRouche Plan passed by the U.S. Congress, to revive our tradition of a credit system, to revive our productive economy, while shutting down the bailouts of speculators. For those whose lives, and those of your family members, are threatened, due to his promotion of the Obama Nazi health care bill, join me in defeating this legislation.

Bailout Barney, you ducked my questions once before — you will not be able to duck me again.