Lakesha Rogers Announces for US. Congress: "The Future of NASA-Mars or the Scrap Heap"
December 5, 2009 • 12:00PM

LaRouche PAC activist Kesha Rogers today announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to U.S Congress in the 22nd district of Texas, home of NASA's Johnson Space Center. Rogers is challenging Republican incumbent Pete Olson, a key player in trying to save the bankrupt world financial system, as shown by his role in the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall law.

"As we enter a period of breakdown crisis of the entire global monetary system, no so-called practical solutions to economic recovery will work," Rogers said. "Instead, my campaign will emphasize the urgent need to adopt the immediate solutions of bankruptcy reorganization, to reimpose Glass-Steagall standards between commercial and investment banks, and to issue masses of directed Federal credit for economic recovery—the plan put forth by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche."

"The current leadership in Congress and the Obama Presidency has proven itself to be completely incompetent, as they continue to push for the bailout of a bankrupt monetary system, a fascist policy in heathcare, and putting our troops into the danger zone of Afghanistan. Any political leader or candidate who is not addressing the collapse of the financial system is not in the real world."

"The only sane solution for dealing with the present bankrupt monetary system," Rogers continued, "is a reinstatement of the 1933 constitutional banking policies of Glass-Steagall, to provide needed protection for commercial and savings banking, against predatory investment banking practices. My campaign will orient around the need for programmatic economic solutions, with policies for long-term infrastructure projects for high speed rail, nuclear power, and desalination, and human space flight for interplanetary space travel and habitation of the Moon and Mars."

"We must give our youth a mission for the future," Rogers said. "Let's get our troops out of the war zones and put them into space. We will fund this mission by a return to a Constitutional credit system, which must be implemented if we are to address the immediate crisis as well. No system of free trade or monetarism will be acceptable. The space program provided the last major boost in productivity to our economy—and it's indispensable for providing the next."

Rogers said her campaign in Texas's 22nd district will lead the way for a national economic science-driver initiative. "The space program cannot be thrown onto the scrap heap, as is happening today. We need a 50 year mission orientation for Mars. The future of mankind will be determined by what we do today."