Summer Shields announces candidacy for U.S. Congress: "Let's put a new face on Congress"
December 8, 2009 • 7:47PM

LaRouche PAC activist Summer Shields today announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination to U.S. Congress in the 8th Congressional District of California. Shields is challenging Democratic incumbent Nancy Pelosi, who blocked Lyndon LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007, and blocked impeachment of Vice-President Dick Cheney in her capacity as Speaker of the House, thus ushering in the age of the bail out.

"The United States and the countries of the world are in the throes of an unprecedented economic breakdown crisis," said candidate Shields. "There is a completely understandable rage building within the American population since Pelosi bailed out Wall Street, first under Bush and Paulson, and now under Obama and Geithner. It is time to take this anger and turn it into a productive force for the good. We have a chance to return to a science policy orientation and put our people back to work, not work for work's sake, but employing our citizens in the necessary industrially productive jobs required to pull our country out of crisis that has been covered up for too long. It is time to rouse our citizens to take our country back through the power of the Constitution."

"Globalization has ruined our country and every other country on earth. I have traveled to Africa twice in my capacity as an organizer with the LaRouche PAC and I have seen this first hand. Nations are no longer self-sufficient in food production and other important industries. It is pertinent that we reach out across the Pacific Ocean to China, Russia and India to sign immediate agreements," Shields continued, "to create an international credit system to rebuild our countries for the benefit of the many. This has been the policy orientation of Lyndon LaRouche and I continue that with my campaign today."

"Within his first 100 days President Franklin Roosevelt had restrained Wall Street and begun a re-industrialization process for the United States. Contrast this to the ongoing Obama Administration policy of health care cost reduction and the recent decision to send 30,000 more troops into an endless quagmire in Afghanistan— a continuation of the Cheney/Bush endless war policy. Real Democrats choose Franklin Roosevelt."

"Let's put a new face on Congress."