Kesha Rogers Denounces Global Warming Fraud as Imperialist Genocide, Offers Alternative
December 9, 2009 • 12:06PM

The entire policy of reducing the agricultural and industrial infrastructure that supports the worlds currently growing population of 6.7 billion people, all in the name of an exposed fraud known as anthropogenic global warming, is a policy of genocide and must be stopped, declared Kesha Rogers today. Ms. Rogers is running as a candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 22nd District of Texas, a district housing one of the most important scientific and technological research centers in the country, the Johnson Space Center of NASA. She is currently seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party, in the tradition of FDR, JFK, and LaRouche.

The recent email revelations from East Anglia University are just the latest confirmation that promoters of anthropogenic warming are engaged in a concerted fraud of lying, cover up, and data manipulation, Rogers continued. But what is most insidious is the role of Wall Street and City of London financiers, typified by the fat Al Gore, in getting rich via a new financial bubble that denies a productive standard of living to the vast majority of the worlds population, including here in our own country.

From recent declarations of President Barack Obama, in affirming that he will circumvent Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution by entering into binding treaty agreements at the genocidal Copenhagen Summit, it is clear the sovereign nations of the industrialized world are under attack by those corrupt elements within their own governments, allied with free market, globalization and radical environmentalism. This is an imperialist policy, warned Rogers, and as qualified by the recent remarks of the Queen of England for expanding imperial power, countries which bow to the Copenhagen Summit will become colonies of the British Empire.

Since carbon dioxide is primarily plant food, no matter what the EPA says, stated Rogers, I propose a massive increase in anthropogenic emissions of CO2, driven by a nationwide reversal of the collapse and looting of our industrial base. The capstone of this economic recovery will be the launching of a mission to colonize the Moon and Mars over the next 2-3 generations. This will be culminated in large scale infrastructure development, nuclear power, high speed transit, and urban and agricultural development. Free trade and globalization has been the primary driver of ecological degradation, with its concern for immediate financial profit at the expense of a policy of stewardship. Rogers concluded, this is counter to Mankinds unique role in the universe, which is to apply science and his or her creative power to increase the potential for development, to be fruitful, and multiply and expand its bounties. We owe this much to our fellow chlorophyll-based inhabitants.