Copenhagen: The Crime of Mr. Sarkozy
December 9, 2009 • 3:04PM

by Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarite et Progres

The manifest hyperactivity of Mr. Sarkozy with respect to the climate change summit in Copenhagen is worse than an error, it's a crime against the future of humanity. Whether he is unaware aware of it and not the only one to commit such a crime makes it no less serious, since he is enlisting France under the banner of a policy devoted to depopulating the planet and to scandalous financial trading on the markets of greenhouse gas emission quotas. At a time in history, when great financiers of the City of London and Wall Street are speculating on what we breathe, what we eat, and on our very lives themselves, via securitized life insurance contracts, we in France are making the choice of "collaboration" [as French traitors, or "collabos," did with the Nazi occupiers]. Morally, economically and politically, this is utterly unacceptable.

Limiting births is actually presented as a "remedy" to the climate threat, invented to justify a Malthusian policy. This threat had been forged from within the Margaret Thatcher crowd, and the revelation of the biased and manipulated work at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU), which inspired the IPCC report, gives the plan away. It was on the basis of that plan, that the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) is calling for what it has christened "demographic regulation." The reality behind this label is that putting all the brakes on carbon dioxide emissions will entail the inability to feed and develop future human beings, and drive the Earth's carrying capacity to below 2 billion inhabitants. That is what the Jonathan Porritts and Paul Ehrlichs desire, and the shared objectives of the Gordon Brown and Barack Obama crowd. The fact that we Frenchmen should be spearheading their struggle against the interest of all the people and nations of the South, is unacceptable.

The other disastrous aspect of the choice of Messers. Sarkozy and Environment Minister Borloo is to promote financial speculations of Wall Street and the City of London, which they otherwise claim they want to regulate. In fact, the major banks, such as the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC), Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley, are multiplying their partnerships with "ecology" start-ups, in order to generate carbon credits. The allocation of the pollution rights thus becomes the object of speculation on the Chicago Climate Exchange, and in Europe, in Paris, on the BlueNext through the spot market, and in London on the ECX (partly owned by Al Gore through his company Blood and Gore) through the futures market, which is much better for speculators. Even worse, this creates what are called "plateformes alternatives," or "dark pools," entirely opaque and unregulated, for trading in pollution rights, never mind over-the-counter trading, and soon, the creation soon, if nothing is done to prevent it, of new derivatives products on these trades.

It is true that our Economics Minister Christine Lagarde, and the new EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier, intend to propose "regulations" and European oversight agencies. However, pretending to regulate or control vice without questioning the entire system that created it, cannot lead to a virtue.

Let's put it crudely: When a crook wants to confuse his public, he attracts the attention of his victim to a fake scenario, while he works in another. The entire brouhaha around "climate change" aims only at promoting cultural pessimism about the very nature of man, by comparing mankind with a predatory beast, while covering up the big lie of the monetarist financial system that despoils man, while giving absolute power to the financier establishment. These implicitly have use of state guarantees against bankruptcy, which would inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of the states themselves to the benefit of an imperial financier order, represented by the conglomerate of forces operating from London.

It is to this conglomerate of interests that Nicolas Sarkozy submitted to, willingly or not, through his attendance at the Commonwealth Summit in Trinidad and Tobago, since the Commonwealth is the imperial structure that protects this conglomerate. While the Queen of England was proclaiming that climate change was the occasion for the Commonwealth to take the leadership of the world and to demonstrate its raison d'Ítre beyond its borders, Nicolas Sarkozy declared how proud he was to be the first President of the French Republic to be invited to a summit of this institution. And while pressuring the nations of the South to submit to the "climate ultimatum" of Prince Philip of Edinburgh's World Wildlife Fund, Sarkozy defended a "World Environmental Organization... as a first foundational step towards reform of world governance."

In the same time, behaviorist economist and French Nobel Prize hopeful Jean Tirole, quasi-officially called for the "creation of a world system for trading negotiable pollution rights on the market," and the creation of "a world governance," and the "rapid deployment of a satellite network capable of precisely measuring the level of emissions of each country."

Depopulation, increased opportunities for insane financial speculation, and the abolition of national sovereignty: It is time for Mr. Sarkozy and Socialist Party chairwoman Martine Aubry — who calls for a "global governance ... with a world environment organization empowered with enforcement rights" — to ask who profits from the crime?

French green guru Nicolas Hulot, in his film "Titanic Syndrome," says out loud what others only hint at: "The days of the world as we know it have been counted... if we all, whether rich or poor, do not change immediately our behavior to 'do better with less' and put ecology at the heart of our individual and collective decisions, we will inevitably sink." Yes we have read "whether rich or poor," as if we were all guilty. This collective guilt operation aims in reality to cover up the crimes of the speculators and the casino economy which are themselves really what is dragging the world to its ruin. Mr. Sarkozy and France, and those who claim to be the "people of the left," must immediately take their distance from this criminal ideology, expose its consequences, and an exit from the dominant world monetarist system towards an order of state credit and a public sector, restoring to the world its future. It's going to take some courage to expose the mystifiers in the light of truth.