LaRouche Declares Victory! Now the Recovery Must Begin
December 19th, 2009 • 2:49pm •


The following remarks were made by Lyndon LaRouche on Saturday Dec. 19, in the wake of the stunning defeat of the British world government and depopulation agenda at Copenhagen.

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"We've declared victory. Obama has failed. He's in a crisis, and even before the events of this Friday and Saturday have happened, the British were writing him off. So he was in a sense, set up, to make sure he was down, by the British. And obviously, they're up to some different program right now.

Now you have Larry Summers in deep trouble. His Harvard problems are coming back to haunt him. The whole system is falling apart, the Obama government is falling apart. The whole U.S. government is falling apart. In a sense, we have to declare victory, because we have beaten these guys.

What happened this week, was not unexpected; Obama's Presidential campaign has gone down. The year is coming to a close. Virtually 11 months have passed, and he has been a total failure. He has dealt with none of the issues which are urgent issues of government, which should have been treated. While he was running off on this crazy health-care, actually Nazi program, a Nazi health-care program, designed essentially for the Tony Blair version of the Nazi health-care program—Hitler's program. That's what it is. No one in their right mind, especially Democrats, will ever vote for a health-care bill, even one based on the HMO system.

The only health-care policy we can have, is return to a Hill-Burton policy. Because it's the insurance companies, including AIG, who, by the combination of the HMO program, which was a swindle to begin with, and then the screw-up which occurred by the legal problem in the courts, of the awards on so-called malpractice cases. So the awards by courts, on insane malpractice grants, were used by the insurance companies to drive up the insurance rates on malpractice insurance for physicians and in hospitals and other institutions. So, therefore, that's what killed it. We have to eliminate HMOw! We have to go back to Hill-Burton—and that's it. We have to go back to Glass-Steagall and Hill-Burton, two very crucial things.

The Glass-Steagall approach has to be done right. We have to apply a Glass-Steagall approach to every institution that wants to call itself a bank, unless it's strictly a merchant bank, a Wall Street bank, and which is separated by Glass-Steagall standards from anything resembling the remains of an investment bank. The commercial banks have to go through Glass-Steagall.

Now, this process means that you're going to be writing off, essentially, some tens of trillions of dollars of debt, false debt, which was incurred, since September of 2007, essentially largely through 2008-2009, but essentially since September 2007. And we're going to have to eliminate that. And by going to a Glass-Steagall standard, we're essentially going back to a credit system, which is what has to be cleaned up, but essentially, we have to go back to a Roosevelt-intended credit system, which Roosevelt had intended in 1944, in the Bretton Woods negotiations, then.

You're going to have to eliminate the idea of an international monetary standard. In other words, we're going to eliminate a fixed-exchange-rate idea, as an idea for a monetary system. We're going to eliminate monetary systems altogether! We're going back to credit systems. We're going to start with the United States, as a credit system. Because as of this coming year, what we're facing is a complete collapse of the international financial banking system and so forth. It's all in the process. There's nothing you can do about that: If you try to stay with this system, the whole system is going down, into a Dark Age.

So therefore, there're some things that have to be done: Number one: Use Glass-Steagall, not the limited way Volcker wants to do it, but go at it with my way. We're going to put the system through Glass-Steagall; we're going to wipe off the books, these trillions of dollars of debt, which are gambling debts, because they don't meet Glass-Steagall standards. We're going to end the bailout, and clear the decks for utterance of credit, to start the kind of recovery program which I've indicated, including my conception of this Triple C, the CCC version, because that's what you've got to do.

So, we've got to start a recovery program, this year. We're not going to wait until Obama's term is used up. We have to do it now: Because December, January, February, that is the limit! You have to do these things within that limit. And you have to dragoon a terrified Congress, into doing what it has to do, to get these things through.

We're going to not only scrap cap-and-trade permanently, we're going to scrap the health-care program permanently, except by going back to a very simple change, back to a Hill-Burton system. And there'll be some engineering required on that, in the transition, but we're going back to a Hill-Burton system. It's the only thing we can afford to deliver on, it's the only thing that'll work. Forget the rest of it. We can handle it.

- Emergency Action for a Recovery -

Now, by freeing up things, we're going to have credit available, Federal credit, under this new arrangement, which has to be in effect, on an emergency legislation basis: We're going to declare a national emergency. We're going to declare this also internationally, but immediately, we're going to declare a national emergency, because of a general breakdown crisis in process, of the monetary system. We're going to announce, we're going to take immediate measures necessary to stop that crisis, and to start a genuine recovery program. That means: again, I say, kill the HMO system as far as health care is concerned, and go back strictly to a Hill-Burton system: a very simple piece of legislation, no 2000 pages, no 300 pages, that sort of thing. A simple system.

We're going to, then, utter a fund, a lawful fund by a vote of the Congress. We're going to ram through a vote of the Congress, which establishes a general recovery program, by the allocation of funds, of Treasury funds, through the reorganized banking system, to get these projects going—which are like the CCC program which I proposed, and the things that go with that, to get a genuine recovery program, which is not a "jobs" program; it's a work program. The point is, to take young people, from 18 to 25 and so forth, especially, and put them through this CCC kind of thing. And do it first with a screening process: You take the people who can immediately be assigned into some job position, and we're going to be creating the jobs. The way we'll do it: we'll take a youth component from this CCC thing, people who are qualified from the CCC pool, and they will be working on projects in which we will bring back skilled operatives who are needed for these kinds of projects, like engineering projects and so forth, to start these engineering projects; then, we'll have a complement of people who are experienced workers in this type of work, working together with youth brought in as trainees, or semi-trainees, into these programs. And our objective is to get some millions of employment, right away, to turn the thing around.

We're going to have to have a national emergency on housing foreclosures: We're going to have to stop the foreclosures, as I proposed back with my act on the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. That Homeowners and Bank Protection Act has to go into effect, in a sense, retroactively, by saying that an emergency has existed since July of 2007. This emergency has not been dealt with. We have to deal with this emergency by passing this bill now, as if it applies to, inclusively, cases which date back to July of 2007—that sort of thing.

But the main thing you've got to do, and we've got to do, as of now,—and go out with this through all our capabilities for organizing: We announce victory, in exactly these terms, with the facts stated. We also announce what the measures are that have to be taken. And that's the only way we're going to get through this mess.

Get the right note of optimism, not boolah-boolah, but real optimism about the real situation. We have solved a problem: The Obama stranglehold on U.S. politics, and international politics, has now just come to an end. Obama is still President, and probably for some time, should stay in the White House. But we should take the entire crowd, all the behaviorist crowd, Larry Summers and so forth—get them out! And get Bernanke out! Because we're going to have to reorganize the Federal Reserve System—it's got a problem, too.

We're going to start the recovery, with reorganizing the system on a Glass-Steagall basis. We're going to a credit system, as opposed to a monetary system. We're going to go and negotiate immediately, with new agreements, with China, Russia, and India, and other countries, my program. And we're going to start a recovery program inside the United States, with all the things that go with that.

And that's what we have to announce, today, Sunday, and Monday. That's our Christmas present to the American people. And tell them that!"