Helga Zepp-LaRouche on the LaRouche Show: Copenhagen Failure Opens Window of Opportunity
December 20, 2009 • 12:51PM

Helga Zepp LaRouche provided a powerful dose of optimism on The LaRouche Show, as she discussed the opportunities opened by the dismal failure of the Climate Control mafia at Copenhagen. Helga emphasized that the lead-up to the conference showed that the actual agenda has nothing to do with "global warming," and has no scientific standing, but is an all-out effort by the oligarchy centered in London to kill off billions. Helga said the failure at Copenhagen is a watershed, and we are now entering an extraordinary moment in history, in which the power of ideas can prevail. Harley Schlanger, who hosted the show, added that this watershed moment was, for Obama, a Waterloo!

Helga said that there is now an opportunity for an honest discussion, to end the mythology that is behind the phony issue of climate control. We are now heading into a turbulent new year, she added, when it will be clear that all the policies pushed by Obama and the EU have failed. The failure at Copenhagen opens the door for LaRouche's Four Power Agreement, which was moved ahead by the collaboration of China and India against the efforts of the global fascists.

The program also featured an on-the-scene report from LYM member Stefan Tolksdorf, who described our operations in Copenhagen, and how there was a change among delegates from the developing sector as events unfolded. Stefan presented a very humorous picture of foreign delegations standing outside the conference center, shivering, as they stood in the freezing cold, waiting to get into the conference on "global warming."

Helga ended the program with a beautiful answer to Harley's question about what advice Schiller would offer us, so we may take advantage of this window of opportunity. Helga answered that, for Schiller, man is bigger and larger than his destiny, that he must never accept the idea that he is bound by conditions, and must identify with the larger issues confronting mankind. The failure of Copenhagen is our victory, she concluded, and we should use it to mobilize for the successful implementation of the Four Powers Agreement in 2010.

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