Prince Charles Will Have A Bigger Legacy Than His Nazi-Loving Uncle Edward VIII
December 22, 2009 • 4:24PM

The reality of the fraud of the existence a "constitutional monarchy" in Great Britain is finding its way more and more into the media and the public mind. The Dec. 21 oh-so-liberal Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung exposed that Prince Charles was arm-twisting government ministers to adopt his "quasi-ecological feudalism". The FAZ ran a detailed article on the Guardian exposé of December 18. Now there are more critics coming forward. Writing in the Times, Paul Richards, a columnist for Progress magazine and former special advisor to government ministers, wrote that Charles has built an empire of 18 organizations, from the Prince's Trust to the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment all dedicated to promoting his views.

Although Richards writes this is "social activism on a grand scale" and will "leave a legacy far more impressive then his recent predecessors," including the one who is known for "abdicating the throne and being a potential Nazi sympathizer," the "problem" with his social causes is that "he wants us to believe it too." Richard, who was an advisor to both Patricia Hewitt and Hazel Blears, the ministers who received "Black Spider Memos," as Charles's letters are known, said "they are put under the nose of the minister within hours of arrival, unlike nine-tenths of the letters sent to ministers."

When Hazel Blears criticized Charles' personal eco-town, Poundbury, at a Fabian Society meeting, "hours later a beautiful letter arrived from Clarence House, hand-written in ink on expensive papers.... Within a few weeks Blears was guest on a tour of Poundbury." Richards writes that no one outside government has such access, and complains that "our innate sense of respect, and perhaps deference, prevents us from questioning the secret relationship between the heir to the throne and ministers of the Crown." Richard then calls for the "publication of all correspondence over the past 30 years. Then we will know the extent and influence of Prince Charles the Lobbyist."

But Richards will soon realize that things are even worse than he asserts. According to a comment to EIR by Graham Smith, managing director of the Republic Campaign which calls for the abolition of the monarchy, royal family correspondence is off limits to any Freedom of Information Act request. Access is only possible if the request can show that releasing correspondence is in the "public interest." But even this is to be changed next year when a law is passed to forbid any access even on these grounds.

When briefed on Lord Monckton's comments that the Queen had violated her constitutional role at the Commonwealth Meeting, Smith said Monckton was absolutely right. EIR related to Smith Prince Philip's mass murderous comment that he would like to be reincarnated in the form of a deadly virus in order to slash the population, to which Smith initially reacted that Philip was broadly seen as an idiot. But when EIR pressed on the fact that the husband of the head of state announces he wants to be a mass murderer there should be an outcry, he agreed but said he was not familiar with the quote.