"Kesha Rogers for Congress!"
December 31, 2009 • 5:39PM

On December 30, Kesha Rogers filed papers with the Democratic Party of Texas, to qualify as a candidate for the U.S. Congress, representing the 22nd District. After filing, she released the following statement.

“Over the last two weeks, while gathering petitions to place me on the ballot, my supporters found a growing sense of urgency among our citizens, about the crises they are facing, just trying to survive day by day. The voters who signed to place me on the ballot are worried about jobs, about home foreclosures, about poor quality education. But they are even more worried about the lack of solutions coming from our political leaders, reflecting the lack of vision for the future.

“Many expressed profound disappointment over the failure of the Obama administration to deliver on its promise of 'hope and change.' This is more than just an empty promise. It is a deception. While proclaiming a commitment to expand health care coverage, President Obama, with the full support of Congressional leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and the Treasonous Harry Reid, is trying to ram through a bill modeled on the Nazi 'health care' policies of Adolf Hitler, which will kill the sick, the poor and the elderly, in the name of 'efficiency' and 'saving money.' Instead of moving boldly, like Franklin D. Roosevelt, to punish Wall Street firms which have bankrupted the nation while pursuing ever greater income and bonuses for themselves, he has continued the Bush administration policy of bailing them out – unlimited funds for Wall St., nothing for the growing numbers of unemployed, homeless, and increasingly desperate Americans.

“Instead of joining with our natural allies, such as Russia, China and India, in rejecting the fraudulent 'climate change' policies, which are designed to reduce the world's population by over four billion people, he sided with our historic enemy, the British monarchy, to attack the very principle of national sovereignty on which our own nation was founded, and to which developing sector nations aspire to achieve today.

“Over the next two months, I will spell out a clear alternative to these failed and dangerous policies, based on the 'LaRouche Plan.' The key to the 'LaRouche Plan' is to end the bailout, and instead return to regulated banking, by renewing the Glass-Steagall Act; invest in major infrastructure programs, beginning with a Civilian Conservation Corps-type program, which could immediately provide productive work for more than two million unemployed; and launch a program to return to the Moon and colonize Mars, as a science driver, through NASA, to upgrade our nation's scientific and technological capabilities.

“My intention in running is not to wait until January 2011, to implement this plan, but to use my campaign, and those of my fellow LaRouche Youth Movement members also running for the Democratic nomination for Congress – Rachel Brown, who will oust incumbent menace Barney Frank, and Summer Shields, who will retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi – to mobilize the American people NOW, to reject the fascist policies imposed by the British monarchy, through its puppet Obama, in favor of the 'LaRouche Plan,' which is in the tradition of those policies which have historically led to prosperity for our nation, and happiness for our people.

“We are offering a new generation of leadership, at a time of great danger to our nation. We will serve as a rallying point for all those who are looking for leadership.”