This is the Movement for Patriotism
January 4, 2010 • 9:05AM

Lyndon LaRouche said Sunday in discussion of some developments from across the political spectrum in the United States, that we are organizing and leading "the movement for patriotism" against the British Empire enemy.

It is not a "partisan" mass strike, with adherents of one party rising up against a Congress and Presidency of the other. The Republican Party doesn't function, LaRouche said. The Democratic Party is in process of collapsing. Self-designated "independent" voters, while numerous, have not been and are not a movement and are not forming a third party. This is not a matter of parties.

We are organizing and leading a mass-strike movement which is "feeling its way, without clear perspective as of now," toward true patriotism for what America has constitutionally represented, against the British Empire. Across the political spectrum, reports indicate, differing groupings are identifying the same enemies and looking for common action to defeat them. Enemies like Larry Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, President Obama — coming to be seen almost as a foreign enemy by many — and the Congress — coming to be regarded as full of homegrown traitors, to the Constitution and the general welfare.

If the activists and potential leaders of this movement don't immediately identify the controlling, British imperial enemy and its methods of action, they respond when with the prompting of LaRouchePAC. And they respond with the force of the intensifying mass strike.

You don't see many Members of Congress daring town meetings this recess—and Nancy Pelosi decided this weekend to call them back into session a week early, just to make sure they don't.

We must now take up the potential to create a broad, patriotic front against the British Empire and its puppet Obama administration, and in support of the Four Powers agreement and LaRouche Plan.