Congressional Resignations: 'Most of the Population are Against Obama and His Policies'
January 7, 2010 • 10:34AM

With Democratic elected officials announcing their resignations left and right, after only a brief glimpse of voters' anger during the Christmas holidays, Lyndon LaRouche pointed to the resignation of Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) showing the depth of mass strike protest against the Democrats over the fascist Obamacare bill. "Dorgan has been one of their strongest leading representatives," LaRouche said. "Obama is not hated — he is so despised by the voters, they don't hate him yet. People hate the Members of Congress who've betrayed them. Most of the population are against Obama and his policies. So they're against the Democratic Party, for supporting him and carrying out his policies. The Democratic Party is dead meat."

Senator Dorgan—who had previously announced he was standing for re-election this year—announced Tuesday night that he would not run again, followed by Sen. Chris Dodd's (D-CT) announcement that he would not run at noon Wednesday; and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's announcement that he won't try for second term in 2010; Ritter was a Democratic "rising star," now set, who hosted Obama's signing of the "stimulus" bill in February. Ten Democratic Representatives in the House have given up on re-election (along with 14 Republican incumbents). In the Senate, at least five other Senators—in Nevada (Reid), Ohio, Arkansas Pennsylvania, and Colorado—are suddenly in the spot Dodd and Dorgan found themselves in, with less than 40% support against actual or likely Republican opponents in 2010.

Notes MSNBC's "First Read," "The biggest story with these retirements? The effect on President Obama. He's the head of the party, and to see so many Democrats in one day decide they don't want to run while he's the leader — at the very time when he's trying to strong-arm Dems to give him health care and other major domestic achievements."

In the Massachusetts Jan. 19 special Senate election for the late Ted Kennedy's virtually perpetual-Democratic seat, Scott Brown, a Republican who's running promising to vote "No" on Obamacare, has gotten within eight points of AG Martha Coakley (50%-42%) in the latest Rasmussen poll, and far ahead among independent voters. Coakley had been 21% ahead.

As LaRouche noted yesterday, we can expect more of these resignations.