LaRouchePAC To Introduce LaRouche Youth Candidates to Washington
January 7, 2010 • 1:35PM

LPAC Press release

LaRouche PAC To Introduce LaRouche Youth Candidates to Washington

January 7, 2009 (LPAC)—The LaRouche Political Action Committee will introduce three LaRouche Youth Movement candidates for Congress, to a press conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Jan. 12. The event will occur in the Holeman Lounge at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Being presented at the press conference will be: Rachel Brown, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Barney Frank's seat (4th District, Massachusetts); Kesha Rogers, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Texas (22nd district); and Summer Justice Shields, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Nancy Pelosi's seat (8th District, California).

According to statements issued by the candidates, the conference will focus on their support for Lyndon LaRouche's call for immediately drawing up a Bill of Impeachment against President Barack Obama. LaRouche made his call in a Jan. 6 press release, which read in part:

"Whatever President Barack Obama may believe he is doing, matters have now reached the point at which his conduct in the matter of so-called 'health-care legislation' must be condemned as tantamount to treason. Which is to say that his present actions are of the character, in effect, of an attempted destruction of our United States, in favor of the efforts of that manifest enemy of our republic's constitution which is the British monarchy....

"In the relevant circumstances at hand, more than sufficient reason for the impeachment of President Barack Obama has been presented by the combined actions and expressed intent of President Obama's actions up to this point in time in the ongoing proceedings."

The candidates will also outline proposals for bringing the United States out of its disastrous economic collapse, and linking it up with the emerging alliance for economic development being expressed by China, Russia, and India, in the manner proposed by LaRouche's Four Power proposal.

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