Three Press at Shields' Inaugural Press Conference in San Francisco
January 8, 2010 • 10:41AM

January 8, 2010 SAN FRANCISCO (LPAC)— LaRouche Youth Movement member Summer Shields announced his candidacy for Congress on Jan. 7 at a press conference outside Nancy Pelosi's office in downtown San Francisco. Shields, who is running against Pelosi in the June Democratic Party primary, told the press that Pelosi is engaging in treason against the United States, for her role in conducting secret sessions to assure passage of Obama's fascist so-called health care bill, and should be removed from office. During his opening remarks, Shields said that the President is impeachable, for his role in subverting the Constitution.

Attending the press conference was Fog City News, a local San Francisco news service; YO-TV Channel 26, represented by two young women (YO stands for Youth Outlook, of the New American Media); and LPAC-TV. The reporter from Fog City News engaged in a thorough interview, asking questions such as why Shields said the health care plan is Nazi, and what else would he do, besides oppose Obama on health care. Also attending were six supporters of Shields from San Francisco. A full report, and a video recording, will be available later.