LaRouchePac Introduces Three LaRouche Youth Candidates At National Press Club: Preliminary Report
January 13, 2010 • 3:11PM

It is now official, the three candidate congressional slate representing the LaRouche Plan was announced at a press conference at the National Press Club, January 12th, in Washington D.C. Even before the event began, the halls were buzzing with the very presence of LPAC federal congressional candidates whose pictures were featured on large A frames outside of the event.

LaRouche Spokesman Harley Schlanger opened the event, introducing the candidates as part of a national offensive to take the country back from the treasonous faction typified by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Summer Justice Shields, running in California's 8th congressional district against Nancy Pelosi, opened the panel elaborating LaRouche's Four Powers proposal as the only viable future for the United States. Candidate Rachel Brown, running against Barney Frank, followed up Shields with a briefing on the financial collapse, highlighting the role of Barney Frank & Tim Geithner for their tantamount to treasonous roles in wrecking the US economy. Kesha Rogers, the NASA candidate, running in Texas' 22nd district, closed the panel declaring war against the British system of imperialism by challenging those patriotic layers inside the United States who wish to save the country, to join her in re-establishing a mission for the US, a new Moon-Mars mission.

The candidates then fielded a number of questions from the audience. Besides making it onto the daybooks of several major press networks, the press that attended the event included The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese new agency, a Chinese news agency, LPACTV and EIR. 

Following the press conference, the candidates held a rally outside of the Capitol South Metro stop, intersecting a broad spectrum of the population. A 10 person chorus sang patriotic songs in front of a banner of the LaRouche Plan, while the candidates stood behind their A frames meeting a cross section of the D.C. population. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the candidates were unable to visit their "new offices."

Be sure to watch the January 12th evening OTC report for an interview with the three candidates on where they will go from here.