Spirit of '76: LPAC Organizing Brings the LaRouche Plan to the Mass(.) Strike
January 19, 2010 • 1:12PM

The LYM and the Rachel Brown campaign, with her "LaRouche Plan" leaflet, were all over Boston and surrounding areas throughout Sunday and Monday, organizing to make the Massachusetts Senate election the "shot heard round the world." At one Monday event, today, an older man who was out on the streets supporting Republican Scott Brown for Senate, and who was very familiar with the work of Lyndon LaRouche, told an LPAC organizer, "This is the Spirit of '76."

On Monday, LPAC organizing teams were going to Martin Luther King events with good results, but the response and the mass strike phenomenon around the Scott Brown bus tour was really notable. A team of 8-9 organizers was going to the stops where Brown was campaigning, and people were out in the hundreds even though it had snowed on last night. In fact, at Scott Brown's first stop, there were about 500 people.

Rachel Brown is getting a tremendous response, with a lot of recognition of LaRouche and a lot of excitement that Rachel Brown is a Democratic candidate. We are organizing with the Rachel Brown leaflet, and have the 3 mustache poster (Reid, Obama and Adolf Hitler) at the sites. There is a camera crew with Rachel Brown, and she is doing photo ops every chance we get. Monday's organizing was a continuation of the Sunday organizing where LPAC and the LaRouche Plan leaflet were "all over Boston," including at the Obama event inside Boston, and the large Scott Brown event in Worcester. Rachel got two pages of contacts at the Worcester rally.

Monday night—the night before the polls open—Scott Brown is ending up with a rally in his hometown of Wrentham, Mass.

We ran into several people from the New York Tea Party, and the Scott Brown supporters are very energized and enthusiastic. When Scott Brown arrives at a site, the people waiting make a beeline to greet him, and at one event where it was announced that he could not come, someone announced where he would be next, and the crowd piled into their cars to get to the next stop. We are getting positive response at all these Scott Brown events.

On Sunday, the organizing outside the "big" Barack Obama appearance at the Coakley rally, found that outside the event (where Obama was being heckled and froze), the Brown supporters probably outnumbered the Coakley supporters. The LYM outflanked the set-piece atmosphere with constant chorus singing, as organizers distributed the Rachel leaflet, and displayed the "three moustache" signs. The singing attracted a lot of notice, and when the Coakley/Obama supporters got agitated, they turned to their "twitter mob" counter-organizing. However, some of the serious people in the demonstrations intervened on our behalf.

On Monday, the anti-Scott Brown forces tried a little street theater at one of the bus stop sites, but it fell flat. But even this street theater demonstrated how Lyndon LaRouche has defined the debate. The undercover Coakley supporters (probably—they would not identify themselves) were trying to be — anti-Wall Street! Calling themselves, "Millionaires for [Scott] Brown," they were waving around champagne glasses, and carrying signs like, "JP Morgan: I'd Vote for Brown."

Pretty pathetic since this is "Bailout Barney" Frank territory, and LPAC has made that a big issue. Not to mention the fact that Coakley had gotten big-time financial support from the HMOs and other financial predators.

The polls at the end of the day, for example, in the "insider" Washington publication, Politico, had Brown leading Coakley by 9%, whereas in the morning, the lead reported by Politico was only 5%. The LPAC mass-strike organizing continues on Tuesday. Don't let up.