Rogers Campaign Stirs Up Patriotic Republicans
February 18, 2010 • 10:36AM

The Kesha Rogers for Congress campaign intervened at an event by her Republican opponent Peter Olson Feb. 17, sporting her huge banner "Save NASA, Impeach Obama, Vote Kesha" outside, and deploying Kesha and Alicia Cerretani inside. Recognition of Kesha in this Republican crowd was broad, and positive. After Olson had droned on a while on his defense of Constellation, Alicia intervened to insist that you could only save NASA in the context of stopping the bail-out, stopping the fascist health bill, and impeaching Obama. That's what Kesha's campaign is fighting for, she said, and if you're serious, you should vote for her, and join our movement.

The intervention energized the crowd. And after Olson pathetically responded that he just wanted to save Constellation, the excitement around Kesha's approach got even greater. The post-event discussion with Kesha and Alicia shows that we've begun to touch a patriotic core in Republicans as well as Democrats in the great state of Texas.