Rachel Brown, Harley Schlanger on Tea Party Radio
February 20, 2010 • 11:28AM

Congressional candidate Rachel Brown and LaRouche PAC Western States Spokesman Harley Schlanger were guests on WBLQ radio in Rhode Island, on a program called the "Tea Party Hour." The hosts have been engaged in an ongoing discussion with Boston LaRouche Youth Movement members, and have been studying Lyndon LaRouche's ideas. Brown opened the program by identifying the collapse of the financial system and the British Empire's drive for global fascism as the crucial issues facing the American people, and the impeachment of President Obama as the most essential step, which must occur immediately. She gave an outline of the LaRouche Plan, but mainly kept a focus on the reality of the breakdown of the system.

Schlanger hit the subjective problems with the American people, how we got into this crisis, and the guts needed to get out. The hosts were focused a bit on how "media control" has led to long-term brainwashing. Schlanger told them that that is wearing off, and that now is the time for the American people to take charge, going beyond what they did during the town meetings last Summer.

They had questions about nuclear power, which they support, national banking ("Are you talking about Hamilton's National Bank, or the Greenback policy of Lincoln?"), space exploration, and China. They were very open, and Brown and Schlanger took them through an educational on statecraft, LaRouche-style. They were somewhat confused on LaRouche's Roosevelt-style Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) plan, but that led to a discussion of why we need to revive Classical culture in the United States. There was some axiom rattling, but there was clearly a process of self-education underway, as the hosts have all been watching LaRouche webcasts, and studying the LaRouche PAC website.

The MP3 is now available on Rachel Brown's website.