Kesha is the "Talk of the Town"
February 28, 2010 • 10:42AM

HOUSTON — "Houston, we have a problem," is the distilled essence of a call received by a top Harris County Democrat from a DNC official, regarding the broad effect of LaRouche Youth Movement member Kesha Rogers' campaign for U.S. Congress. The Democrat reported that, though they have not included Kesha in any polls, their chosen place keeper on the ballot, a nonentity named Doug Blatt, is polling very poorly. Further, they have had a difficult time bringing activists in for phone bank operations, and for door-to-door organizing.

In fact, except for the endorsement of Blatt by every single "official" Democratic Party club, his campaign has been non-existent.

Meanwhile, Kesha's campaign is picking up steam, with creative deployments saturating the district with her statements and LPAC leaflets, hitting neighborhoods, intersections, and events — such as today's annual world-famous Houston Rodeo Parade. Her simple, but direct, campaign theme — Save NASA, Impeach Obama, Vote Kesha — is resonating, aided by the punch with which she is delivering it: "Do you have the guts to join me to impeach Obama?" The recent addition of the impending genocide in Haiti, if Obama is not impeached, has added to the sense of immediacy around the impeachment drive.

By targeting the whole district, and not just looking for pockets of "regular Democrats," the strategy employed has been to fight to win a war against the British monarchy, which is acting through its puppet, Obama, to destroy the U.S., and to bring all citizens into that war. By avoiding the usual trap, of "running a campaign with issues," the mobilization has delivered maximum shock effect to the party regulars, whose jaws drop when Kesha appears before them and says, "I'm here to get Obama impeached."

Further, the campaign is challenging Republicans and independents to stop complaining, and come join us and vote for Kesha, if you really want to deliver a message. When asked by some of these types if she really intends to go for Obama's impeachment, Kesha challenges them to join her, if they are serious. Some have given contributions on the spot, with one hard core GOPer saying his father would roll in his grave if he knew he was contributing to a Democrat!

Adding to the life of the campaign, we now have one campaigner going door-to-door in a NASA costume (he looks authentic). When people answer the door and see an "astronaut" there, they do a double take. He then tells them he's there to get them to join the Kesha Rogers campaign to impeach Obama. This creates tremendous excitement and interest, as you might imagine.

While there are many anecdotes which show the spread of the campaign, the response from the above-mentioned Democrat, who will be the Party's nominee for state-wide office, is indicative of the shocked reaction from the so-called mainstream. "We don't know how you've done it, but it is all anybody is talking about. You are everywhere. And what has surprised me, is that even many leading party activists are saying they like your economic message and what you say about NASA, but why ruin it by calling for Obama's impeachment?" When told he has to go, for the nation to survive, this candidate responded by saying, "I've been wrong for doubting LaRouche before."

There will be a campaign organizing meeting, followed by more door-to-door neighborhood organizing Sunday and Monday, with a sound truck, banners, etc. The election is Tuesday.