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January 31st 2011 • 5:37PM

The BRIC is bankrupt. It is time for Russia to recognize that its real interest lies in LaRouche's 4 Powers solution.

January 11th 2011 • 11:03PM

Lyndon LaRouche will be delivering a series of State of the Union Addresses leading up to his January 22nd Webcast. These addresses will be the only State of the Unions worth listening to, as we enter a period of insanity set off by the collapse of the international financial system. As Mr.

January 11th 2011 • 1:04PM

Portia Tarumbwa-Strid, Vice President of the Schiller Institute interviews EIR's Hussein Askary on this weekend's referendum on the secession of Southern Sudan.

January 18th 2011 • 4:08PM

The method used by Palmerston was used for centuries, to weaken and destroy any nation by pitting race against race, interest groups against one another or any other difference that forms a convenient basis for chaos. The United States on the other hand, was able to cultivate a unique identity among its citizens, despite how different they may have been from one another.

January 11th 2011 • 1:15PM

The inauguration of a memorial for the victims of Adolph Hitler's T-4 program, in Brandenburg/Havel, comes at a time when that Nazi policy is being revived by Obama, today, in the name of "Fiscal Responsibility"

December 21st 2010 • 5:08PM

The recent provocations on the Korean Peninsula are curious to say the least, as they seem to be local incidents. But a strategic view shows us that the British Monetary empire is up to their old tricks again, provoking destabilization attempts in Asia, and especially China, to kill any prospect for development.

The Inter-Alpha Group Must Be Destroyed
March 1st 2010 • 9:20PM

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