Kesha and Harley on Genesis Communication Radio
March 4, 2010 • 10:27AM

Dr. Bill Deagle offered his congratulations to Kesha Rogers on his weekly interview with LaRouche Western States spokesman Harley Schlanger yesterday on the Genesis Communication Network. After a 45-minute update from Harley on the economic collapse, and the victory of Kesha, who received votes from Democrats who want to impeach Obama, Kesha came on for the last 15 minutes.

After she described what she did to win — i.e., mass organizing to win a war against the collapsing, degenerate British Empire — Deagle told Kesha, "This is not just a victory for you in Texas, or even in America, but for all mankind. Now, we can get Lyn's Four Power Agreement." He concluded the segment by calling on his listeners to go to Kesha's website and contribute, saying of Tuesday's victory, "You can hear the Founding Fathers clapping about this...."