LYM Take Leadership in California Student Protests: Impeach Obama
March 5, 2010 • 9:43AM

Members of the LaRouche Youth Movement had a major impact in rallies being held against education cuts in California today, as they raised the banner, and held intensive discussions, on the question of saving the nation by impeaching President Barack Obama. The California rallies were part of a nationwide protest, which, according to press reports, occurred at more than 100 locations in 30 states.

The major intervention occurred in the 4,000-person march being staged by students in Los Angeles, which was directed at the Governor's office. The LYM arrived to join the march, with huge signs callings for impeachment, and sporting the mustache. Originally, they were greeted with obscenities, and catcalls, but eventually joined the march itself, without any hostile incident. Through the march, numerous youth would come up to the LYM and ask to carry out signs—despite the fact that other students were constantly complaining about their content. There was non-stop discussion during the march.

When the march reached the governor's Los Angeles office, where there were many TV cameras set up, the LYM positioned themselves strategically to be filmed, and attracted a lot of attention from the crowd, which was not very friendly. There was an air of tension. Particularly striking was the contrast between our signs, and those pathetic ones of some of the students, which read "Obama, help us save our education."

During the day, Mike Steger of the LYM also went to the Santa Monica campus, where he spoke with the leadership of the students, and got the opportunity to address a crowd of 200 for 4 minutes. The table we set up there was constantly mobbed, in contrast to other deployments there, with intense discussion going on for at least two hours. There was not a lot of objection to impeachment, but a discernible mood of cynicism, reflected in the response: "What will it change if Obama is impeached?"

Meanwhile, the Oakland LYM were intervening at the Berkeley campus—where they got a positive response from the protest leadership on impeachment, and a very polarized one from the student body. We await a further report.

A statewide demonstration is scheduled for Sacramento on March 22—where more than 10,000 youth are expected.