White House Still Hasn't Quite Fathomed What Rogers Victory Means For Them
March 5, 2010 • 10:05AM

A sudden pall fell over the usual jocularity of the White House Briefing Room today as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was confronted with the reality of the victory of LaRouche associate Kesha Rogers. When EIR correspondent Bill Jones interrupted the usual Gibbs' "pecking order" in his briefing routine in order to demand a response from Gibbs, both Gibbs and the other reporters were taken aback for a moment in this unwanted interruption in their "virtual reality" show. The exchange with Gibbs is as follows:

JONES: "Robert, in the Democratic primary—"

"Hold on, let me—" Gibbs exclaimed, trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

Jones continued. "— in the 22nd district in Texas was won by a young African American, Kesha Rogers, who had as the first point on her program the impeachment of President Obama for violation of the general welfare clause of the Constitution, largely because of this so-called health care bill. What does this victory say to the President about the general mood in the public today with regard to his program?"

GIBBS: "I can't read anything into the primary results in a district in Texas about the general mood of the country, except to know that the general mood of the country is that they want Democrats and Republicans to work together to get something done on health care.

"And again, we know what happens if we walk away. People get letters where their health insurance goes up 40 percent. Small businesses drop their coverage. Parents are on the phone with insurance companies listening to somebody say, "We're not going to cover your child's illness because we think it's based on a preexisting condition." That's what happens. That's what happens if — even as we're so close — we walk away."

Although Gibbs tried to maintain the air of the non-plussed press secretary, it would take several minutes before he was really able to slip back in his role as chief foil for his beleaguered chief.