March 15th 2012 • 3:37PM

How does one know whether or not human beings will not go the way of the Dinosaurs? Is it an accumulation of stresses on human existence which indicates such a threat? Despite the severe crisis in the food supply, that in itself is not a positive proof for why we are in danger of going extinct. Understanding the threat requires a different quality of mind outside of just a day to day existence.

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

Cody Jones continues the discussion with more breakthroughs in the understanding of the mind and its role in the creative development of the universe, the true domain of physical economy. The nature of the galaxy as we currently understand it is explored through the scientific method of J. S. Bach.

November 29th 2011 • 4:22PM

In the first installment of the Basement Mail-Bag, host Ed Hamler and Basement member Peter Martinson answer questions that were E-mailed from our international audience. This week features questions on Arctic Development, the necessity to work with Russia on their Strategic Defense of Earth policy, and the role of creative life in the Universe.

January 6th 2012 • 4:20PM

In this episode we attack the curious case of seasonal epidemics and pandemics, like the flu, showing the relationship it has with solar and cosmic radiative activity. Demonstrating yet another aspect of the imperative we have to join Russia in developing a Strategic Defense of Earth science driver program.

December 17th 2011 • 2:00PM

Summer Shields asks: If mankind as a whole developed biologically under a very specific electromagnetic frequency bandwidth, then is there something more to the concept of prescience or intuition? Is creative discover a universal process connected with electricity or magnetism? What does this say about human morality?

October 30th 2011 • 2:05PM

Over a planet steeped in the greatest financial collapse in modern history and perhaps even a greater geopolitical crisis, on Monday, October 24th, the continental United States was treated to a beautiful solar show when red auroras lit up the night time sky reaching as far south as the states of Texas and Alabama.

Interview with Cody Jones on Cosmic Radiation
March 6th 2010 • 8:21PM

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