Rogers' Victory "Stirs Up" Columbus, OH Airwaves
March 7, 2010 • 7:21PM

The reverberations from the Kesha Rogers' victory last week in Texas continue to spread, as Kesha was the guest, along with Harley Schlanger, on the popular Sunday morning talk show on Magic 98.9 FM radio in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by Khari Enaharo. Harley had been on six weeks ago, and Khari opened by saying that he said at the time that he didn't think an African-American woman with LaRouche had a chance in the 22nd CD in Texas. "But she was elected, as a Democrat, as an African-American woman, calling for the impeachment of the President! This is HUGE!" He did an excellent job provoking his audience for the first half hour, with such outbursts, while asking Kesha and Harley to explain how this happened. He also preempted the usual "There they go again, attacking the black man" line, by reviewing LaRouche's stand against Bush and Cheney, though he threw in a curve ball: What about Clinton, he asked, who pushed through NAFTA and repeal of Glass-Steagall, why didn't you go after him?

Kesha handled this beautifully, saying that today we are in the midst of the biggest financial collapse in world history. We want to repeal NAFTA, and bring back a global Glass-Steagall, but it's not going to happen if Obama is in the White House. When Khari asked Harley why not give Obama more time, Harley reviewed what LaRouche had done to try to help Obama, to get him to go with an FDR approach. But Obama rejected this, and made things worse, by continuing the bailout. Kesha also explained why we oppose Obama-care, as it represents a fascist attack on the elderly and the poor.

When he opened the phones, there was an almost even divide between those praising Kesha, and those opposed to impeachment. Some of those who opposed impeachment are angry at Obama, but said we need to give him more time, or he should get rid of some of his advisers. Harley told them they should stop making excuses for him. Among those supporting us was one who said African-Americans are brainwashed to think that we have to support black leaders because of their skin color. Among those opposed was one who said you can't just blame Obama, you have to blame the people — after all, they are the ones who took out unaffordable mortgages, bought too many new cars, etc. Kesha said the main reason to blame the people is because they were corrupted, to vote for Obama and a gutless Congress, but now they are moving, there is a mass strike, that's how she got 53% of the vote, and they need our leadership. Khari also jumped in to handle that, saying that the people deserve some of the blame, but who made the loans to them, and who convinced them they could afford that house? THE BANKS, and corporations, the one Kesha and LaRouche want to regulate.

Several asked Kesha for specific plans to create jobs, which led to discussion of the CCC-type programs, but Kesha brought it back to NASA and space, with scientific advance as the key.