Obama Will Host Space Conference In Florida, An Unlikely Attempt to Dampen Kesha's Victory
March 8, 2010 • 11:52AM

In an unusual Sunday morning press release, the White House announced that "On April 15, President Barack Obama will visit Florida to host a White House conference on the Administration's new vision [sic] for America's future in space." Such is the quality of the White House response to Kesha Rogers' victory on a program led by "Save NASA. Impeach Obama."

The central Florida "Space Coast" has been in a mass- mobilization uproar over Obama's proposed shutdown of manned space exploration, and consequent near total shutdown of the Kennedy Space Center.

On Feb. 27, nearly 2,000 people, led by state and national labor union representatives, rallied to protest the cuts. Some signs saying "Impeach Obama" could be seen at the rally. Last week, Florida's entire congressional delegation sent a protest letter to the President. On Tuesday, March 9, there will be an open public meeting near the Kennedy Space Center, where citizens will have an opportunity to express their outrage.

When Obama started his campaigning in 2008, he proposed delaying Constellation for five years and using the money to fund education. When he campaigned in Florida, under intense pressure from the state's elected officials, he reversed course (rather than possibly lose the state), and promised America would accelerate the Constellation program, and maintain its leadership in space. As Constellation workers said in a video after the budget came out: "He lied."

The response to the announcement from one seasoned former NASA manager: "More talk to explain the unknown."