Kesha Rogers' Victory Covered on Russian Websites
March 9, 2010 • 11:03AM

The LaRouche movement's Russian-language website has posted the first LPAC release on Kesha Rogers' victory, with Harley Schlanger's remarks. At the same time, at least two blogs, one of them the major Alexsword blog, took the story from the LPAC site directly. From Alexsword, it's on the major economics "Globalnaya Avantura" forum. Alex wrote:

"Here's some news from LPAC. The LPAC candidate for Congress in Texas, Kesha Rogers, had a gigantic win in the Democratic primary, getting more votes than the other two candidates combined. The main points of her program were"

"1) immediate impeachment of Obama;

"2) immediate bankruptcy proceedings for the entire financial system;

"3) annihilation of the transnational oligarchical empire by an alliance of nationally oriented forces in the USA-Russia-China-India;

"4) reindustrialization of the USA, development of infrastructure, especially nuclear power;

"5) setting of long-term national goals like travel to the Moon and Mars.

"What a scandal! For those who don't know, the U.S. media pretend that LaRouche and his programs don't exist. They don't criticize him, they just black him out and never talk abut him."

Additionally, LPAC's first Moon-Mars video (with Russian subtitles) is now featured on the LaRouche movement's Russian site's front page.