Texas Democratic Party Insults Voters
March 14, 2010 • 10:36PM

The Texas State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) passed a resolution yesterday which contains outright lies and slanders, issued by known liars, as an excuse to condemn the voters who cast their ballots to make LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers the official party nominee in the 22nd Congressional District. Kesha Rogers has demanded an apology to herself, Mr. LaRouche, and the voters of the 22nd District who nominated her, and issued the following statement:

"The attempt to 'sanction' me for winning a primary election, fair and square, when I was the only Democrat with a real campaign in the district, is an example of the same old loser mentality that has characterized the SDEC's behavior over the last two decades, during which time the Democratic Party has been reduced to nearly minor party status in Texas. My call for the impeachment of President Obama was embraced by voters, who recognized that I am not the one threatening to take away health care, through massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid; I'm not the one who has been bailing out Wall Street and City of London banks, while people in the district are suffering from high levels of unemployment, and record numbers of foreclosures; and I am not the one who ordered the shutdown of NASA'a manned space program.

"My campaign put forward a pledge to support the 'LaRouche Plan,' which calls for an end to the bailouts, reinstating Glass-Steagall banking standards, full funding for NASA, and investment in major, necessary infrastructure projects, to create millions of productive jobs. This is in the great Democratic Party tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. I have not abandoned this great Democratic Party tradition — it is the President who has turned his back on our great predecessors, and the voters, and that explains his rapidly dropping approval rating in this state and nationally.

"The action of the SDEC will have little effect on my campaign, as we are running a true grass roots mobilization, winning people over, house-by-house. It does, however, demonstrate the extreme arrogance of SDEC members toward the voters, showing by this action their complete disregard for the legitimate anger and frustration among our citizens. This is the same narcissistic arrogance demonstrated by President Obama, who insists that he knows best what the voters must accept, despite the evidence that his policies of bailing out the "Too Big to Fail" banks and insurance companies, while pushing a tax cut as a 'jobs' bill, are having a disastrous effect on the vast majority of Americans.

"In his webcast yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche stated that it is this narcissistic attitude, and Obama's insistence in sticking to the demands of his London controllers, to bailout criminals and swindlers while doing nothing for working and unemployed Americans, which have brought him to his Ides of March. Apparently, for the moment, the fools on the Texas SDEC, are lining up, dutifully, behind the soon-to-be-gone Obama.

"Perhaps they should remember the last time Democrats in Texas threw out the wishes of the voters, in 1988, when LaRouche Democrat Claude Jones was elected Harris County Democratic Party chair, only to be illegally removed by County hacks, who rejected the voters' choice. That decision had a near-fatal impact on the Harris County Democratic Party, giving the Republicans a stranglehold on elected offices which has only, recently, been challenged.

"There is a steep price to be paid for such arrogance. I am waiting for an apology from the SDEC.

"It should also be noted by the idiots who would sanction me, that the state party rules specify that they can be removed from their offices if they support a Republican against a Democratic Party candidate. By attacking me, the choice of the Democratic voters in the 22nd CD, they are aiding the reelection of the incumbent Republican, Pete Olsen, thus opening the door for their own removal!"