Democratic Losers Taking Some Heat
March 16, 2010 • 8:51AM

The decision by the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) to issue a resolution against Kesha Rogers — and implicitly attacking the decision of 53% of Democratic voters, who gave her the party's nomination — is drawing fire from a broad spectrum of Texas Democrats. An email list hosted by a Houston-based Democrat posted Kesha's reply today. He decided to stop posting on the issue, after being swamped. Emails on his site are running about 50-50, with several party activists and candidates defending Kesha.

Most notable is an email from David Van Os, who was the party's nominee for Attorney General in 2006, and the current leader of the party's Progressive Caucus. After attacking the continuing bailout by the administration, its anti-labor policies, the renewal of the Patriot Act, and the war in Afghanistan, he writes, "But rejoice, we are safe! In a spectacular display of relevance and courage, the Texas Democratic State Executive Committee has taken a mighty stand for democracy, justice, and peace by saving us from the sinister threat of Kesha Rogers.

"I, for one, look forward to Kesha winning in November and taking her seat in the House of Representatives. She has more than twice the balls of every proponent of the SDEC resolution combined.... She will STAND and FIGHT for her principles instead of giving us the continuous, whipped puppy dog whining ... that I am so damned tired of hearing from the national Democratic leadership, the Emanuel-Obama White House, and their apologists."

An official at the state party headquarters hemmed and hawed at first when challenged, but then admitted, "Just between you and me, this makes us look like a bunch of idiots. If they're so worked up now, why didn't they do anything to defeat her at the ballot box?" He said he agrees with the formulation that this reflects the same arrogance as he sees in Obama, adding that he has been surprised to see so many people defending Kesha.

Another activist said there is talk by some losers that they will demand that the Harris County Democratic Party remove Kesha's picture and the link to her website from the party's page on candidates.