October 29th 2011 • 7:11PM

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This morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the imminent potential for a British-sponsored World War III. The Middle East is the new Balkans in this context, where that trigger point has been carefully set up, and as the fuse is burning down on the financial resources to carry out that operation, the time for that operation to be launched, or defeated, is now.

October 11th 2011 • 1:25PM

Meghan Rouillard, of LPAC's Basement Research team, has just completed a new translation of a paper by Vladimir Vernadsky, called "The Evolution of Species and Living Matter", from 1928. In this video, she reviews a central concept of this paper, called the biogenic migration of atoms, which refers to the transformation of material by life and the consequent restructuring of the environment. This process increases throughout evolution, in correlation with the upwards progression of species.

October 3rd 2011 • 5:39AM

How does Man interact with the domain of cosmic radiation and the extended electromagnetic spectrum, and how might he tune these processes to the benefit of Man's further creative development? Basement Team researcher Cody Jones investigates the extended electromagnetic spectrum and its relationship to life in the evolution of the cosmos.

October 15th 2011 • 1:06PM

A discussion of the scientific principle of the credit system, from the standpoint of Vernadsky's view of the arc of evolution, and implications for man. Ref: Demanding Mind and A Vernadskian Law of Evolution.

October 6th 2011 • 2:40PM

The population senses that we've come to the end of a system and is responding with the latest form of the mass strike, Occupy Wall Street. This is spreading rapidly and will not stop until Obama is thrown out and Glass-Steagall reinstated.

CLICK HERE to watch accompanying statement from Diane Sare, from on the ground with Occupy Wall Street in New York City.

September 28th 2011 • 4:21PM

Today's discussion focuses on evolution and viruses from the standpoint of cosmic radiation. Are viruses particles? Do particles exist?

Interview with Sky Shields-- Cosmic Rays & the Mass Strike
March 16th 2010 • 11:00PM

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