BBC Stirred Up By LaRouche Dem, Kesha Rogers', Campaign
March 18, 2010 • 9:00AM

The BBC has once again registered the British financial empire's fear of economist Lyndon LaRouche and his "four powers" policy to end monetarism and establish a credit system of sovereign nations. BBC's is prominent among a number of British tantrums since LaRouche associate Kesha Rogers' stunning victory in the 22nd Congressional District Democratic primary in Texas, running on LaRouche's policy including the impeachment of London-run President Barack Obama.

In his editor's blog, the BBC'S America Editor Mark Mardell wrote last night: "Why is a Democratic candidate in Texas calling for the impeachment of the president? It is one of the odder results thrown up by the US system of primary elections, with registered voters choosing who gets to represent their favoured party.

"Kesha Rogers, who won the Democratic nomination for Texas's 22nd Congressional district with 52% of the vote, has been quickly disowned by the by Texas Democrats. She is a supporter of the LaRouche Youth Movement.

"They are the ones who stand on the fringes of Tea Party rallies carrying placards depicting Obama as Hitler. It is not a casual insult: they believe that Obama's healthcare proposals are based on Hitler's and their aim is a eugenic cull of the population, and that the president should be thrown out of office. The movement founded by Lyndon LaRouche, who's stood for president many times, is sometimes described as far-right. I am not sure that does justice to its rather eclectic mixture of policies.

"Followers believe that the White House takes orders from the British Empire (run from Buckingham Palace and Threadneedle Street), which also organised two World Wars and the fall of the USSR, and they are passionate about expansion into space, particularly the colonisation of Mars using the power of nuclear fusion.

"Now they are campaigning for some potentially more popular policies, such as ending bank bail-outs, big job creation programmes, and strict new financial regulations. But the reason their programme isn't being hailed more widely is apparently because America's youth has been enslaved by Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates using (respectively) MySpace and Facebook.The Republican candidate for Texas's 22nd district, Pete Olson, should have an interesting election."