Texas Dems: The Problem Is Not Kesha Rogers, But Obama!
March 18, 2010 • 9:12AM

Informed Texas sources report that the decision by the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) March 13 to "sanction" Kesha Rogers, following her smashing primary victory in the 22nd Congressional District, was done on orders from "higher up ... outside Texas"; and that many of the party's more serious activists see the action as a blundering product of the "Obama problem" of the Democratic party. Asked whether "higher up" meant the White House ordered a resolution against Kesha, one source said, "You do the math."

The demand was, in fact, for the SDEC to pursue legal options to remove Rogers from the November ballot, but strong opposition to this at the March 13 meeting resulted in a "compromise" of sanction. Leading Democrats protested that what was being demanded "from above" would directly defy the expressed wish of the 22nd CD's Democratic voters, and that those voters knew exactly why they were supporting Kesha, including her demand to impeach President Obama. The party's problem, said one protester, is that many of its voters don't like Obama.

In ironic confirmation of this, it is reported that those SDEC members who pushed for an anti-Rogers resolution refused to have that resolution mention — and presumably oppose — her demand for Obama's impeachment! Instead, the "sanction" resolution was larded with tired and discredited slanders of economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, which are generally disbelieved by the SDEC members and other leading Texas Democrats who have welcomed Kesha's candidacy. The "sanction" itself is a meaningless gesture, as support from the SDEC would as likely harm Kesha's campaign as help it.

One local party official, who has been widely quoted defending Kesha, said that this action ironically helps Rogers' chances to win, because of the growing hatred of Obama. A leading pollster said that this flap has backfired for the SDEC, as it has given Kesha positive recognition, as one who is not controlled by party officials. One statewide Democratic candidate said that he intended to stay as far from Obama as possible in his campaign, saying it would be "the kiss of death" for him to be associated with the President; and a former state AFL-CIO official concurred with this, adding, "The sooner Obama is gone, the better we will all be."

The majority of Texas Democratic leaders contacted agree that the manic push for the fascist Obama-care health bill has been a disaster, as the economy is crashing, and the administration is seen as "pro-Wall Street." They generally agree with the proposals of the LaRouche plan, and agree that the Party is headed for disaster in November if there is no dramatic reversal. But despite this sentiment expressed privately, none is prepared to go public, yet, against the worst President in U.S. history.