LYM Confronts Texas Delegation: Save NASA, Impeach Obama!
March 19, 2010 • 11:09AM

Two members of the LYM completely destabilized a delegation of nine Members of Congress from Texas and the Mayor of Houston who held a press conference in Washington, D.C. today to discuss a "coordinated and bipartisan effort to save the NASA Constellation program."

Essentially, the speakers identified the cuts to Constellation's program as a threat to our National Security, a threat to the economy, and argued that the cuts would destroy not only our prospects for scientific advancement, but deprive our nation's youth of inspiration and a mission in education. The mayor of Houston opened with a suck-up speech to Obama, inviting him to the Johnson Space Center for a visit. Pete Olsen followed with a long description of little kids watching a launch (but otherwise said nothing of substance). Rep. McCaul made the emphatic point that fortunately it is the Congress (implied: Not Obama!) who decides how to appropriate funds and how they are spent. And Sheila Jackson-Lee announced that she is introducing a bill to declare NASA a National Security Asset. Rep. Culberson compared privatizing NASA to privatizing the Marines, and Rep. Ted Poe exclaimed that "even the Iranians want to be in space!"

That was all nice, but with Lyn's marching orders to cause trouble, the organizers thought they'd shake things up a bit. Shannon Chew got in the second question, and with the Mayor of Houston at the podium and about nine Congressman standing in formation behind her:

"In the Houston area, LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers just won a Democratic primary on the call to Save NASA and Impeach Obama. What is your response to her victory, and will you join her in this call to protect our nation's future by impeaching the President?"

The room exploded in not-so-hushed whispers and the Congressmen not only flinched, they actually broke formation and almost formed a little huddle behind the podium with cameras rolling, in an obvious freak-out response to the question. The mayor tried to say that "this is not the subject of this press conference, and we are not attacking Obama!" Then she tried to talk about something else and was relieved by Olsen, who tried to jump in and say something in response, but mostly succeeded in not saying anything.

The whole group was completely destabilized, and much fun was had! Literature on Kesha's victory was given to the Congressmen, with whom the organizers spoke afterwards.