Some Dumb Texas Democrats Continue to Piss on Voters
March 21, 2010 • 12:29PM

An effort by a blowhard in Texas' Senate District 13 Democratic Caucus, to put through a McCarthyite "loyalty oath" for Democrats, in reaction to Kesha Rogers' dramatic landslide victory on March 2 in Congressional District 22, demonstrates that some Texans are still willfully blind to the reality that is the train wreck of the Obama Presidency, and are setting themselves up — and perhaps the Democratic Party, as well — to go down with him. Though the resolution passed, it will have no effect, in the same way that the SDEC resolution against Kesha passed a week ago, means nothing.

A spokesman for Rogers pointed out the obvious: "The hacks that are doing this, at the bidding of an increasingly desperate White House, are demonstrating contempt for the voters. The results in the election are clear: the Democratic voters in the 22nd District want President Obama out, the sooner the better. It is the hacks who are out of line with the voters. Kesha will continue to represent the best tradition of the Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon LaRouche, while the hacks sink into the oblivion, along with Obama, that they so richly deserve."