Kesha Rogers Inspires Argentine Youth
March 25, 2010 • 11:34AM

Three days ago, organizations and associations of African descent and Afro-Argentines organized a day-long workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

A "Message from Kesha Rogers for Argentina" was read to 40 16- and 17-year-old students, and a group of seven teachers, along with representatives of the Afro movement in Argentina, and "artists." Then, after that, some 60 people, among whom were 18 representatives of social organizations and embassies, including those of Haiti, Brazil, and Senegal, plus representatives of Argentina's Ministry of Culture, heard a brief introduction by a LYM organizer, followed by a four minute-plus videotaped message from Kesha Rogers, subtitled in Spanish.

Kesha's message was as follows, ending with a stirring call to Argentines:

"Greetings everyone! I am pleased to have the opportunity to send you greetings from the United States, from my home in Houston, Texas. My name is Kesha Rogers, and I am a leader in the LaRouche Youth Movement, and a candidate for the U.S. Congress in the district that houses our space program. I recently won the primary, on March 2, by calling for immediate action to impeach President Obama and save the manned space program. By winning the primary in this manner, I have opened the door for a new era of space exploration, such as to colonize the Moon and Mars, over the next 50 years. This has caused a major freak out by the British and Wall Street forces that are controlling both political parties in general, and President Obama in particular. They are now in a crisis, because the population is no longer accepting their lies and bail-outs. Their monetary system, which has looted the world for generations, is now bankrupt, and they are losing control over our republic, which has the ability to protect the people and put them back to work in productive jobs.

"The population wants a space program, they want a future for their children, and they want a new generation of leadership to step forward with the courage to tell the truth, to uphold the principles of our Constitution. They voted for a future, oriented around physical economic development, and real improvements in the quality of their lives.

"You, too, have a role to play, in building up a new world free of the policies of free-trade globalization. Through understanding leadership based on the creative ideas and discoveries in Classical science and art, you can help Argentina become a leader in the Americas, in being the first South American country to send a man or woman to the moon and safely bring them back to Earth.

"I am helping orient the U.S.A. to a policy of development for the good of mankind, for scientific progress, and a beautiful culture. But I cannot do it alone; the world needs leaders in Argentina to step forward also, so that our countries may work together. You can be the next astronauts, scientists, engineers, political leaders, and musicians, but it takes a commitment by each of you to develop your own creative potential, and live now, from the standpoint of the better world you want to see existing, 50 years from today."

After this message, the youth were stunned, mouths open, and they applauded among smiles and whistles. Immediately, the director of the teachers came over, as if something strange had seized control of his mind, and making him use his legs, he got the attention of the organizer, and between stutters, he asked:

"Who is this political woman?!"

"Kesha Rogers, of the LaRouche movement."

"How surprising! And this thing of the space program: I never would have thought of that! What do I do to find out more about her and her campaign?"

Afterward, several youth came up and took photos of themselves with the organizer, giving their contact information, and saying that the message was fantastic. They also stayed to watch the video message later.