California Democrats Move to Exclude LaRouche from State Convention
April 1, 2010 • 9:37AM

It was confirmed today that it is the unelected party staff at the office in Sacramento which made the decision to deny a booth to LaRouche Democrats at this month's California Democratic Party convention. A check submitted for the booth was returned, with the excuse that there was no more room, the hall was fully booked. A leading official told us that, in reality, a decision was made to keep us out of the hall by unelected party bureaucrats, (aka, "hacks"), since President Obama made a decision to attend the convention. "They don't want him to see your poster with the Hitler mustache," he said. The elected party official said there will be no action taken to reverse that decision.

In recent years, the LYM organization within the Los Angeles County Democratic Committee, the Franklin Roosevelt Legacy Democratic Club (FRLDC), has purchased the booth. This year, though FRDLC's charter was again approved by the County Committee, it is on an unofficial "exclusion" list of the state party. The decision by the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee to "sanction" official Democratic nominee Kesha Rogers, was cited by one of the bureaucrats as a "precedent" for action against LaRouche. There is talk of a possible "loyalty oath," as well, though the leading party official said that he doesn't think that this would be acceptable, given the association of such an oath with the notorious Sen. Joe McCarthy.

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