Rachel Brown for Congress Responds to MA Attorney General
April 2, 2010 • 4:50PM

Today, the Rachel Brown for Congress campaign issued a press release, responding to the Massachusetts State Attorney General's claims that they can not petition with the "Obama Hitler-Mustache" Sign on shopping mall property. Despite a law in Massachusetts, whereby mall owners must allow political campaign employees access to their private mall property to petition for a campaign, without discrimination, some mall owners have reported to Rachel's campaign that the State Attorney's Office has advised the owners of the malls, that they can, indeed, prevent the campaign from speaking about Obama's Nazi policies, using the "Obama-'stache", or promoting Lyndon LaRouche's economic policies.

It should be noted that Massachusetts' State Attorney General is none other than Martha Coakley, the same Martha Coakley who lost to Scott Brown in the well-known race to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat. It was widely understood that Coakley, a Democrat, lost the election to Republican Scott Brown, due to her public, close ties to President Obama.

The Rachel Brown for Congress campaign will continue to distribute leaflets with the famous Obama-'stache picture printed boldly on them, on mall property, and will continue to petition accordingly.