Grounds for Obama's Impeachment or Removal from Office Keep Growing
April 3, 2010 • 7:21AM

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday highlighted two elements, from a growing bill of indictment against President Barack Obama, warranting his immediate impeachment, or resignation from office. Obama's 24-hour trip to Kabul last week, where he scolded President Karzai for "corruption," but made no mention of the opium trade, was a phase-shift. Coming in the context of the activation of terrorism inside Russia, from Anglo-Saudi "Chechen" networks financed and logistically backed by the Afghan opium trade, Obama's refusal to cooperate with Russia on a genuine war on drugs, infuriated the Russians, and negated the recent successful bilateral diplomacy between Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, on a nuclear weapons reduction treaty. Beyond the Russia factor, Obama's policy on Afghanistan is tantamount to treason, and warrants his immediate removal from office, by impeachment or resignation to avoid impeachment.

Let us be very clear: No one, outside of Lyndon LaRouche, is going to speak the truth about Obama and the urgent need for his removal from office. It is our mission, and no one else's mission, to lead this fight. The stakes are enormous. The very survival of the United States and the entire world are at stake. If Obama remains in office, or if he is eliminated via British-engineered assassination, the U.S.A. is doomed. Our best asset in this fight is Obama, himself. Every day, he dooms himself, by words and deeds, that draw more and more people to the ugly conclusion that he must be removed from office, via clearly defined Constitutional means. In the past days, Obama's greatest crime against America has been his Afghan policy, of support for British-created opium warriors, who are pointing their guns at American soldiers.

Under the so-called Obama/McChrystal plan for Afghanistan, American soldiers are being shipped off to fight against a Taliban insurgency that is wholly funded by the very opium trade that the U.S. has refused to shut down. By failing to conduct a serious war on drugs, along the lines of Lyndon LaRouche's own famous 1985 15-point plan, Obama is sending American soldiers to die, fighting an enemy that is an integral part of the British opium war apparatus, which Obama himself is a part of!

As reported below, in late February, Gen. Stanley McChrystal staged a press conference in the Helmand Province village of Marja, touting the recent "success" of American Marines, in driving the Taliban out of the area, as the first action under the "new" Obama counterinsurgency plan. The area around Marja produces 40% of the world opium supply, and American soldiers did nothing about that. The village of Marja, where McChrystal staged his public relations stunt, is known to be the largest concentration of heroin laboratories in the world. They all remained totally intact—after the U.S. military "success."

This is not incompetence. This is a top-down, willful policy of support for the Afghan opium business, which is an integral part of Britain's global offshore financial empire. That policy is coming from the Obama White House, from the President, and from the behavioral economists who have him surrounded.

At a recent conference in Kabul, Russia's anti-drug chief, Viktor Ivanov, reported, based on UN data, that the Afghan opium generates $65 billion a year (undoubtedly, an under-estimation). One billion dollars of that money is divided between the opium farmers and the Taliban, and the rest goes to places like Dubai and the Cayman Islands, fueling the British offshore financial operations. As LaRouche emphasized today, it is the entire British offshore financial system that has to be wiped out. This is why a global Glass-Steagall reorganization is the only viable option. We must have a sovereign credit system, replacing the current British monetarist system. Wipe out the offshore system and you wipe out the British empire, which today is as much a Dope, Inc. empire as it was at the height of the 19th-Century Opium Wars.

The second impeachable act by Obama is his committment to murderous, genocidal Schachtian austerity against the American people. Typical of his Nero-like narcissistic compulsions, Obama is running around the country, openly flaunting the fact that he lied to the American people and Congress about the so-called health-care bill. On CBS-TV on Friday morning, Obama lied through his teeth that he pushed through the health-care bill because, otherwise, the United States would have gone bankrupt, as the result of skyrocketing health care costs. The health-care bill was pure Schachtian austerity. In reality, Obama has bankrupted the United States—through the bank bailout, and through his absolute refusal to take any measures to create productive jobs through infrastructure investment. If you want to bring the United States back from the current state of bankruptcy, then you have to dump Obama now—through impeachment or resignation. Bush was bad, but Obama is far worse, when you consider his Presidency from the vantage point of the increasing mortality rate. Obama's policies kill! Now we have the specter of fools like Steny Hoyer, demanding Congressional support for the findings, due out at the end of the year, of Obama's austerity commission.

While we have a growing bill of impeachment against Obama, the British are moving to create the environment for a major terrorist operation—like a Kennedy assassination, or a new 9/11 kind of attack. Between April 15-19, Washington, D.C. and environs will be saturated with left/right gang/countergang operations. The British are using assets left over from the late 1990s assault on the Clinton Presidency, to set the stage for something big. Remember, that during the Summer of 2001, we were warning about an imminent major terror attack. We saw the buildup of the environment, even though we had no advance indication of the specifics of the planned attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Now, once again, a density of operations are being set in motion, involving known British assets. We are preparing a dossier on what we now know about this unfolding operation. By putting out the warning—in Lyndon LaRouche's name—this will create some real problems for the Brits. Obama is every bit the British asset that we have documented. He is bad, bad, bad. But from the vantage-point of some in London, Obama is a spent bullet, no longer of particular use. Since the "passage" of the Nazi-modeled health care bill, Obama is hated by a growing majority of Americans.

Obama has to go, but by prescribed U.S. Federal Constitutional means.