The Queen Does Push Dope!
April 13, 2010 • 8:56AM

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Yes, Mabel, the Queen of England does push dope. Anyone who seeks to deny this now, is worse than a Nazi-like liar. Worse, her government is presently engaged in the greatest attempt at mass-murder, planet-wide, in world history to date. In her regime's effort to bring about the great, world-wide genocide advocated by the World Wildlife Fund of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, her minions have also attempted to destroy the most prominent force against genocide operating world-wide today, the Catholic Church.

Worst of all, she is using her dupe, the Nero-like, would-be, Hitler-like mass-murderer President Barack Obama, in the effort to accomplish those Hitler-copied objectives.

We wish to say next to nothing here about British sex practices such as those associated with types such as the late John Maynard Keynes, et al.. We stick to the issue of her government's resort to the combined practices of genocide and drug-pushing. The methods for promoting the destruction of civilization through opium production in Afghanistan is now McChrystal-clear.

One of the leading features of the practices of the drug-pushing British monarchy, is the British effort to destroy the Catholic Church, world-wide, in an attempt to eliminate that Papacy which continues to be the chief opponent of British-orchestrated campaigns of genocide throughout the world at large, as the British Empire has done in Africa for about two centuries.

We are not certain that certain oddities of the behavior among the Yahoos of the British Isles are to be class as being exactly sexual behavior; fecundity does not appear to be a purpose in that practice among the figures deployed on the playing fields of Eton. The purpose of preying upon minors as a form of genital play among the clergy and others, has long thought to have been a mark of British upper-class breeding, as much as anything else. Apparently, the British clergy have enjoyed no monopoly on the specific form of amusements.

To anyone possessed of an active adult mind should recognize immediately, the British monarchy's efforts to destroy the Catholic Church, is intended to wipe out the world's traditionally leading adversary of the practice of genocide among governments.

In the meantime, the very strong suggestion in the atmosphere today, is that now that the Nero-like President Barack Obama has virtually used up his usefulness to his British master, points to the intention, from among their quarters, to bring about that President's assassination as a means for unleashing a dictatorship in a U.S. now threatened with a London-inspired assassination of the unfortunate, used- up tool Obama.