Obama's Giant London-to-Chicago Climate Swindle: A Trillion Dollars Per Fart
May 1, 2010 • 10:19AM

The climate hoax legislation now pushed by President Obama would provide trillions of dollars in loot for a gang of speculators whose central instrument, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), was initiated by Obama himself.

While he was an Illinois state senator, Obama in 2000-2001 engineered private foundation funding for the start-up of the Exchange scheme, whose British, Wall Street, and Chicago beneficiaries soon boosted him rapidly into the U.S. Senate and the White House.

Under "cap and trade" or some similar U.S. government program, derivatives and other bets would be placed, through the Exchange, on how much carbon dioxide is not emitted by various entities.

The principal figures with Obama in this enterprise are British empire and allied American operatives including:

* Al Gore, the former Vice President now already a hundred-millionaire through this and related swindles;

* Maurice Strong, the British Empire Malthusian-genocide strategist;

* Goldman Sachs, now facing potential criminal charges for global looting;

* Fannie Mae, the Federal mortgage agency otherwise instrumental in bringing on the world credit blowout; and

* Chicago financier-strategists who invented derivatives and similar instruments to cripple and loot the economy.

Obama Creates a British Company

The Chicago-based Joyce Foundation was a Barack Obama ticket to power.

With State Senator Obama as the rising politician on the Joyce board of directors, the foundation gave $347,000 (in 2000) and $760,000 (in 2001) for "the inception, creation, feasibility and design of CCX," according to the history provided on the Climate Exchange's website.

French magazine Reseau Voltaire's Thierry Meyssan reports that Obama himself drew up the protocols or statutes of the Chicago Climate Exchange, acting as attorney and administrator for the Joyce Foundation.

Obama's Joyce board seat was taken over in 2002 by Valerie Jarrett, and she has since managed Obama's relationship to his sponsoring Chicago oligarchs.

The Chicago Climate Exchange was created as a British private company (LLC), to be managed from London.

The Exchange was the brainchild of Richard Sandor, known as "Mr. Derivative" and "principal architect of interest rate futures markets."

The Joyce money went through Sandor, who became chairman of the Exchange. As chief economist for the Chicago Board of Trade in the early 1970s, Richard Sandor and other monetarist fanatics converted the Board of Trade into a central global agency for the London-dominated parasitical financial speculation which was to replace the advanced industrial economy. Leslie Rosenthal, another derivatives strategist and former chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade, is a director of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Blood and Gore in London

The Chicago Climate Exchange went into operation in 2003.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore promoted the sale of CXX stock to British investors.

In 2004, Gore and Goldman Sachs executive David Blood created a bank in London, called Generation Investment Management. The Gore London bank bought 10% of CXX shares.

David Blood brought other key Goldman Sachs speculator-executives over to the Gore bank. Then Goldman Sachs itself bought up to 19% of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

David Blood later worked wealthy Londoners to fund the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign.

Al Gore's mentor, Canadian Maurice Strong, is a director of the Chicago Climate Exchange. In the early 1970s, Strong as a British Royal Family/World Wildlife Fund and Rockefeller family representative organized the 1972 Stockholm environmental summit for the United Nations. The global warming hoax was subsequently promoted through Strong's United Nations apparatus, and by Strong's protege Al Gore. Strong's investment lieutenant Peter Knight became a top executive of Al Gore's London bank, co-owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Obama now relies on the Maurice Strong-created UN apparatus as a global force to promote the multi-trillion dollar cap-and-trade swindle.

And Strong's team within the board of Chicago Climate Exchange includes these CCX directors:

Rajenra Pachauri, the notorious head of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that has been caught red-handed faking data; Elizabeth Dowdeswell, former head of the UN Environmental Program; Michael Jammit Cutajar, former head of the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change; and Thomas Lovejoy, former World Wildlife Fund executive vice presdient and science adviser to the UN Environmental Program.