Rachel Brown for Congress Issues Statement on MA Water Crisis
May 3, 2010 • 4:44PM

On Sunday May 2, a water main broke just outside of Boston, MA leaving over 30 cities and about 2 million people in the area without clean water. While the break has been repaired, Rachel Brown, running against Bailout Barney Frank in the fourth congressional district in Massachusetts, released a statement on her website today underscoring the need to upgrade our national infrastructure, and repeating her call to impeach President Obama:

"The water emergency unfolding in Boston, in which nearly two million people have been cut off from the delivery of clear water, into their homes and businesses, makes clear what Lyndon LaRouche has been saying: That if we don't impeach Barack Obama at once, and throw out the gang in Congress, in both parties, which refuses to shut down the corrupt City of London and Wall Street financial cartels whose dirty work they are doing, you and your family will not survive."

The rest of Rachel's statement can be found on her website: www.rachelforcongress.com.