Obama's BP Treachery is The Last Straw
May 30, 2010 • 3:10PM

Lyndon LaRouche today issued the following statement, after receiving the latest status report on the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The urgency of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico makes it clear that, as long as Barack Obama remains in office as President, the problem will not be competently addressed. For the vital sake of our nation, Obama must be immediately removed from office.

"The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is now totally out of control, and it will only get worse and worse, so long as Obama is in the Presidency. There is no chance to save the U.S.A. as long as he is not impeached or otherwise Constitutionally removed from office," LaRouche declared.

With the latest failure of British Petroleum to cap the oil leak, which was finally officially admitted this morning, and with President Obama's deadly failure to act in any competent fashion, this crisis, LaRouche warned, "is now going to spread up the Atlantic coast, and into the Gulf Stream. We have reached a moment of truth. Either we act to save the planet, by immediately removing Obama from office, or we shall not survive. These latest events in the Gulf of Mexico are the last straw." LaRouche continued, "Anyone who is not moving for his ouster is not for real. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is one more demonstration why he must be expelled from office on an emergency basis. If you want to save the nation, he has got to go. Either he goes or civilization goes."

LaRouche recommended that, perhaps Mr. Obama should be placed in a basket, with a pink ribbon, and left on the doorsteps of Buckingham Palace, with a little note: "Greetings from Chicago."