December 16th 2013 • 6:12PM


November 1st 2013 • 8:00PM

The second question from the November 1st webcast.

What is the role of Glass-Steagall in defeating the present policy of economic genocide being implemented by Obama, leading Republicans and Democrats?

November 15th 2013 • 9:00PM

The first question from the November 15th webcast.

As your associates have documented, the economic state of the U.S. population is much worse than officially admitted. What is the condition of the U.S. economy? How does this relate to your campaign for Glass-Steagall?

October 7th 2013 • 8:37PM

A report after a day's activity on Capitol Hill exposing the fraud of Obama's meeting with the top CEO's of Wall Street and directing the focus of congress to the urgent matter of Glass-Steagall, amidst the chaos taking place in Washington D.C. over the looming debt ceiling and government shutdown.

September 15th 2013 • 12:20PM

Discussion between Kesha Rogers, Bill Roberts, and Liona Fan Chiang on taking the Nuclear NAWAPA XXI to Congress this past week.

Saturday Evening Report
June 5th 2010 • 9:27PM

Brain-dead leaders of the Boston Democratic party thwart the intention of Delegates to the State Convention, blocking the Glass Steagall resolution. The Rachel for Congress campaign still had a significant effect on the convention, finding Barney Frank and Obama have lost the support of many in the democratic party. Also, a LaRouchePAC cultural intervention on the fascism of Wagner.

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