Americans Awakening To Truth About Obama: He's a British Agent!
June 9, 2010 • 10:22AM

From Boston to San Francisco, there is a growing recognition among Americans that Lyndon LaRouche has been right about the President: He's not simply a vain, incompetent man, but is a British agent, and a fascist. Squads deploying on behalf of the LaRouche Youth Movement candidates in all regions report that the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, due to deliberate, deadly, cost-cutting negligence by British Petroleum, and Obama's refusal to act against BP, to bring the oil spill under control, has led to a new openness on the question of who owns Obama.

This surfaced first in Boston, where the Rachel Brown campaign has been deploying on the theme of the "Two Massachusetts," organizing citizens to understand that there is an ongoing battle between a patriot party, which Rachel represents, and a Tory party, in the tradition of the British Empire, with a history of nearly four hundred years in the Boston area. Obama, Barney Frank, and Sen. Dodd represent the British Empire, and campaign organizers are now getting open agreement on that. In the lead-up to the state Democratic Party convention this last weekend, organizers have been educating angry citizens, in depth, on the difference between the two systems, using the Glass-Steagall resolution as a way to drive the point home.

This was their approach at the convention, which led to almost 200 delegates signing our Glass Steagall resolution. It also led to a freak-out by party leaders, who had their own way of protecting Obama and Barney, preventing a discussion and a floor debate on the Glass-Steagall resolution, which would have been up for debate next, with a bogus announcement there was no quorum.

In the aftermath of the convention, squads leading with BP and Glass-Steagall in the Boston area are finding good patriotic response. Some say they are not yet sure about impeachment, but want to know more about Obama as a British agent. One woman, with a daughter in Iraq, thanked organizers for telling her about the British-run wars in the region, while others think about what campaign organizers are saying on BP, and then saying, "Hmm, that makes sense." They have also been bringing into the discussion the Saugus Iron Works, to discuss the difference between American System credit policy, and the British Empire.

This same pattern has been seen in Houston and San Francisco, as campaign organizers are assuming that most people have now reached the idea on their own, that Obama's no good, and the issue is getting to the Post-Obama Era. In Houston, in the 22nd district and elsewhere, many already know of Kesha's leadership in the drive to impeach Obama, and there are fewer and fewer arguments about Obama, as BP and NASA provide immediate entry into what we could do, if Obama were out.

Organizers for the Shields' campaign report the same pattern. Everyone is talking about BP, and many are grasping the idea that Obama is a British puppet. One woman, after listening for several minutes, said, without prompting, "I agree he's a British agent; it feels like we never won the American Revolution."

In all locations, these campaigns are going to City Councils with the Glass-Steagall resolution. It has been presented in several, with no immediate comments from Councilmen. The initial presentations have been preceded by organizing in the city, and will be followed by calls for meetings. In some cases, supporters are going with them, and they are urging people to act immediately, to put pressure on local officials.